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The 26th Academy Awards (1954)

Held at the RKO Pantages Theatre on Thursday, March 25, 1954,
honoring movies released in 1953.

Master of ceremonies Donald O'Connor on stage at the RKO Pantages Theatre.

Master of ceremonies Donald O’Connor onstage at the RKO Pantages Theatre.

Best Picture

From Here To Eternity Full Image

"From Here to Eternity"


Best Actress

Audrey Hepburn Full Image

Audrey Hepburn

Best Actress Audrey Hepburn ("Roman Holiday").

Best Actor

Best Actor William Holden Full Image

William Holden

Best Actor William Holden ("Stalag 17").

The Year

  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Best Picture: "From Here to Eternity"
    • "From Here to Eternity" also won Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor (Frank Sinatra), Best Supporting Actress (Donna Reed), Black-and-White Cinematography (Burnett Guffey), Directing (Fred Zinnemann), Film Editing (William Lyon), Sound Recording (Columbia Studio Sound Department), and Writing – Screenplay (Daniel Taradash). (View Image)
  • "From Here to Eternity" was the first film to tie the long-standing record of eight Academy Awards set by “Gone with the Wind.”
  • An estimated 43 million television viewers watched the awards show.
  • Donald O'Connor was the master of ceremonies in Hollywood.
  • Fredric March was the host of the companion show in New York at the NBC Center Theatre.
  • Walt Disney won awards for "The Alaskan Eskimo" (Documentary Short Subject), "The Living Desert" (Documentary Feature), "Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom" (Cartoon Short Subject), and "Bear Country" (Two-reel Short Subject). No individual had ever personally collected so many Oscars on one night. (View Image)
  • On January 20, 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower succeeded Harry Truman as President of the United States.
  • On January 22, 1953, Arthur Miller's play The Crucible opened on Broadway.
  • On March 5, 1953, Joseph Stalin died.
  • In April 1953, Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, was published in the U.K.
  • On June 2, 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place at Westminster Abbey.
  • On June 19, 1953, American Communists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for conspiracy to commit espionage.
  • In December 1953, Hugh Hefner published the first issue of Playboy magazine, which featured Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

Honorary Award

To Pete Smith for his witty and pungent observations on the American scene in his series of "Pete Smith Specialties."

Honorary Award

To Joseph I. Breen for his conscientious, open-minded and dignified management of the Motion Picture Production Code.

Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award

To George Stevens

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