Script: “Tape 22"
Script: “Operation Gemini"
Script: “Into The Deep Blue"
Script: “Ojek"
Script: “Tyrone and The Looking Glass"
Script: “We Sing"
Script: “The Supremes"
Script: “Madame"
Script: “8 Habits of Highly Murderous People"
Script: “The Stratford Wife"

Writer(s)  -  Screenplay Title
Aaron Lovett   -  Night of Slow Tears
Aaron Mobley   -  Nits
Adam Keleman and Brian Trichon  -  Long Days
Adisa Septuri and Steven Palmer Peterson  -  Black Ivory
Adrian Prospero   -  Heartbeat Billionaires
Alastair Collinson   -  The Beasts of Ramree
Alessandra Bautze   -  Racing the Wolf God
Alex Haven   -  Of A Tribe
Alexander Thompson   -  The Sisters
Alexandra Qin   -  Thirstygirl
Amy Huckabay   -  Paul is Dead
Anderson Boyd   -  Mescalero
Andrew Case   -  The Cockfighter
Andrew James Adams   -  Cicada Summer
Andy Walker   -  Belle
Ann Hawker   -  Aviemore
Annie Grace   -  Beauty King
Annika Pampel   -  Angelmaker
Anthony Karim Garland   -  Mimic
Austin Formato   -  The Death and Life of Angiolina Grasso
Becca Roth   -  Margo & Perry
Benedict Cohen   -  Ability
Benjamin Lewis   -  Goodbye Everybody
Bryan Regan and Chen Zhen  -  Beacon Beyond the Bay
Caleb Seibert   -  Channel Fever
Carmen Emmi   -  Plainclothes
Chaseedaw Giles   -  The Final Cut
Christin Finch   -  Raised by Dogs
Christine Garver   -  The Pepper
Christopher James Murray   -  Sojourn
Christopher Robertson   -  Jeffrey The Barbarian
CJ Jones   -  Dawn Chorus
Clint Williams   -  Enemy
Cyn Harris   -  Big Girl
D.A. Everett   -  Only Ruins Remain
Dani Milton   -  Devil's Mouth
Daniel Kavanagh   -  In Dreams
David Jacks and Jeff Grimm  -  FMK
David Shotwell   -  Homestead
Edith D. Rodriguez   -  South Side Girls
Eliesha Steel   -  Weightless
Elizabeth Chatelain   -  Sundogs
Elizabeth Corbett   -  A More Certain Light
Eric Jordan Baker   -  Bullfrog
Erin Brown Thomas   -  The Body of Chris
Faizan Kareem   -  Astray
Fred Nutter   -  The Fairest Of Them All
Greg Swong   -  The Printer
Guilherme Viegas   -  The Life We Chose
H.A. Young   -  Run On
Hayley Tibbenham   -  Songs Without Words
J.R. Rappaport   -  Trial In The Trenches
Jared Pascoe   -  The Ride
Jeff Burgett   -  Here's Lookin' At You
Jeff Galante   -  The Beast of Lake Lambton
Jessica Leonard   -  Bone Music
John Biolsi   -  Shotfire
Jon Bershad   -  Cuffing Season
Jon Shaivitz   -  Chó
Josh Flanagan   -  The Six-Day Detective
Joshua Sonny Harris   -  Deaf
Kahlil Maskati   -  Alim Uncle
Katie Crone   -  Youth in Asia
Katie Murphy   -  BAREFEET
Kelsey Taylor   -  The Bad Things
Kerry L. M. Russell   -  Sexual Selection in Females of the Species: A Case Study
Kris A. Holmes   -  Seeds of Truth
Laura Valin-Peñalba and Elise Patterson-Merritt  -  Pledge
Lindsey Dodge Gudritz   -  Politically Incorrect
Lindsey Galloway   -  The Last Queen's Painter
Lorenzo Colonna   -  Pearl
Maciej Turczynski   -  The Teeth, Dead Dog and the Discovery of Anesthesia
Malcolm Badewitz   -  Muck
Marina Michelson   -  Anoushka
Mario G. Lopez   -  Pata Palo: The Pursuit of Goldie Pearls
Marisa Torelli-Pedevska   -  Jesus Goes to Goodland
Matt Mitchener   -  A Case For Purple 
Matt Ocks   -  Bella Vista
Matthew Sterling   -  Home Video
Matthew Tennant   -  The Wyrm
Max Kaplow   -  Fire on the Line
McKenzi Vanderberg   -  Din
Megan Green   -  Eleanor & Jack
Melanie Schiele   -  Butterfly Children
Michael Baker and Javier Ortiz  -  Las Excavadoras (The Diggers)
Michael Lee Barlin   -  Final Journey
Michael McCoy   -  Under the Rising Sun
Michael S. Yuen   -  The Golden City
N. Fituri Scown   -  Come Back King
Nadav Heyman and Erez Heiman  -  Jackie & The Rats
Nancy Safavi   -  Cheer 1st
Nate Patton   -  Acquaintances
Nathan Jon Wetherington   -  Sendgeance!
Neil Saul   -  American Odyssey
P.J. Wolff   -  The Road To Damascus
Pacifico Geronimo and Andrew Saunderson  -  Where The Oceans Meet
Patrick Duffy   -  Bastards of Manchester
Paul Ingoldsby   -  Analytica
Pearse Lehane   -  More Than One Idiot Brother
Peter Groynom   -  Toward the End of Time
Richard Mauro   -  Angel Eyes
Richard Norris   -  A Trick Of The Light
Rob Rufus   -  Die Young With Me
Robert Simpson   -  A Story of the London Fog
Russell Koos   -  Action Figures
Sabeen Amanat   -  Burn Your Idols
Salvatore Liuzzi   -  Last Summer Ever
Sam Gasch and Harry Valentine  -  Stuck
Samuel Godfrey   -  On Account of a Goat
Scott Fleishman and Evan Wake  -  Barrier
Scott Grierson   -  Metallica vs. Napster, Inc.
Scott Hamilton   -  The City of Lost Children
Scott Hipp and Zoe Broad  -  Beyond Sight
Sender Tarlovsky   -  Speak of the Wolf
Serge Bodnarchuk   -  The Feral Child
Shohreh Amirzafari Harris   -  Yankee Goes Home
Stephen Bell and J. Brett VanderMale  -  Raw Materials
Suzi Bach    -  Lexi and the Lion
Tavis Gray Vannucci   -  The Widows Club
Tommy Lombardi   -  Hizzoner
Tony Ferrendelli   -  Saigon Doll
Tristan Bellawala   -  Medusa
Victoria Rivera and Leticia Akel Escarate  -  Malpelo
Wade Wofford   -  Urban Ed
Willie Dawkins   -  Banished
Woody Bess   -  Irish Goodbye


Writer(s)  -  Screenplay Title
Aarthi Ramanathan   -  Maiden Warrior
Adele Smaill   -  Dust on Dirt
Adrian Cunningham   -  Bender
Adrian Parks   -  After The Gold Rush
Adrian Urbina   -  Being Women
Adrienne Thorne   -  Stones
AJ Briones   -  The Visiting Stone
Alex Benis   -  Red Was My Favorite Color
Alex Fotopoulos   -  A.K.A Bernie Madoff
Alex Guaglianone   -  Everything Between Us
Alex Simon   -  Baron of Havana
Alexander Hendler   -  The Storm King
Alexandra Turner   -  The Girl from Deagard
Alfredo Rodriguez-Allen   -  The Silvia Show
Allison Mattox   -  Échappé
Andreea Irina Moise   -  The Time Battle
Andrew Alexander   -  The Gravedigger
Andrew Anthony   -  Ghosts
Andy Silverman   -  Squonk
Anil Jacob Kunnel   -  Aeon
Ann Thurber   -  The Patron Saints of Lost Causes
Ariel Ehrlich   -  The Rental
Arun Lakra   -  Fortunato Heist
Ashley Hiller   -  Mother
Ava Simone   -  Our Own Little Something
Avishai Weinberger   -  Drift Off
Bailey Moore   -  Paint!
Barry Eitel   -  The Clarinet
Barry Leach   -  Dauntless
Ben Davis and Tyler Hiott  -  Phoenix to Kyiv
Ben Luben   -  I Am Become Death
Ben Samuels and Oliver Justin Samuels  -  The Great Dismal Swamp
Beth Drenning   -  Jane Being Jane
Blair Cosby   -  John Wayne Must Die!
Blue Spruell   -  Taro: Legend of Japan
Bob Reynolds   -  The Dying of the Light
Boris Vesselinov   -  A Dose of Arsenic
Brad A. Mason   -  Cage-Fed
Braeden Ayub   -  Alex Goes to Paris
Brett Lawlor and Madison Lawlor  -  Finding Clarity
Brian Christopher Quinn   -  Dreamworld
Brian Dutt   -  Timmy
Brian G. White and Laura Napoli  -  A Jersey Christmas Movie
Brooks Reynolds   -  Left & Leaving
Casey Beck   -  The Valley
Charles W. Chambers   -  Night Song
Chase Drummond   -  A Flightless Bird Upon Falling
Chris Hicks   -  The Butter Street Hitchhiker
Christopher McKee   -  Naked in the City of Heroes
Christopher T. Wood   -  Harris, The Hitman
Christopher Thomas   -  The Memory Dancer
Colin Moore   -  Trouble Will Find Me
Courtney Hull   -  Ghost Writer
Craig Houchin   -  Ludlow
Cressandra Thibodeaux   -  The Hanging Tree
Cynthia De Souza   -  Swipe Right to Save the World
D.C. Fairhurst   -  Lone
Daniel Garber   -  Part Time Lover
Daniel Grasskamp   -  The Ark Beneath the Sea
Daniel Younger   -  Escape from Starry Night
David Buik   -  A Legacy
David Landskroener   -  Paradise Lost
David Page   -  King of Pain
Daviesha Rice   -  Like A Boy
Devin Peluso   -  Dennis, MA
Dominic Burgess   -  Belle's Not Well
Dominic Flint   -  The Burning Hill
Don Santiago   -  The Perfect Suicide
Ed Bonilla   -  5 Clones
Ed Cha   -  Electric Lights
Eliana Victoria Alcouloumre   -  In The Mouth of the Wolf
Eoghan Heneghan   -  Neverland
Eric Alejandro Reis   -  The One
Erik Louis Smith   -  Improvidently Accepted
Esteban Bailey   -  The Strange Monster at the Rivera House
Gabriel DiMilo   -  EDEN
Garison Piatt   -  A Place of Madness
Gayatri Kumar   -  The Day Before Being Sold
Geo Bradley   -  And Scene!
Gustavo Melo   -  Where There's A Will
Hassan Ildari   -  A Thousand Splendid Things
Heather Farlinger   -  No Good Deed
J. Noonan   -  Phantom
Jacob Dorn   -  Labor Pain
Jacobo Fe   -  Halsted: Between Pleasure & Pain
Jahir M. Johnson   -  Robinhood: An African Tale
Jake Ross   -  The Director's Cut
James King   -  Tusk
Jamie Trevino   -  Nothing Sacred
Jamison Timothy Silverman   -  Ghost in a Uniform
Jared Gentile   -  Place to Be
Jaskaran Singh   -  Jersey Boy
Jason Director and Kalena Ranoa  -  Kiss & Fly
Jeannette Manning and Joseph Yuan  -  The Mountain Lion
Jeff Kennedy   -  Of Flesh And Bone
Jeffrey Craine   -  Backwaters
Jeffrey William Reebie   -  The Last Western
Jeremiah Blackman and Dakota Friesen  -  Consumed
Jeremy Wadzinski   -  The Last Surrender
Jerold Wallace   -  Iggies
Jill Bayor   -  Hesse
Joe Collevecchio   -  The Other Woman
Joey Day Hargrove   -  Disconnect
John Doble   -  The Rommel Gambit
John McCarney   -  Blood and Roses
Johnny Ngo   -  Ivy Dragon
Jonathan Todd Ross   -  The Chaperone
Jordan Lazieh   -  Piledriver
Joseph Foulk and Casey Stegman  -  Object
Joseph Helms   -  Snatched & Held
Joseph Ramunni   -  Sunrise
Josh Zammit and Samuel Loveridge  -  Seeder
Joshua Sheehan   -  Asesino
Joshua Tate   -  The Orphan
Justin Norman and Jacob Withers  -  Roy of Sealand
Karen Ann Wilson   -  Dear Mama
Katrina Kudlick and Mercedes Bryce Morgan  -  ESC
Kelly Abbott   -  Raindrops
Ken Henderson and John Day   -  Brave
Kevin Bash   -  Sweet Lou McGinnty
Kristin VanValkenburg Risner   -  Divided Brother
Kumi Krishna   -  Footnote
Larry Bogad   -  Orwell's War
Laurie Conrad   -  Roach Clips and Steak Knives
Lindsay Clift   -  Roadkill
Lyndal Simpson   -  The Gravedigger
M. Driscoll   -  Ellis Island
Mac Grant   -  In Here With Us
Madi Stine   -  Emery & Ellsworth Make a Picture
Maggie Budzyna and Christian Tasiopoulos  -  Rapt
Mark von Sternberg   -  Mama Stevie
Marleine Pacilio   -  Born Elizabeth Jane
Matt Foss and Carlos Washington  -  Trice
Matt Hartman   -  Tragic!
Max Chernov   -  51 Above
Megan Breen   -  The Widow Mrs. Widger
Megan J. Wilson   -  Avalanche Express
Melinda Saranchock and Chris Saranchock  -  Saving Cinderella
Michael Graf   -  The Last Indian War
Michael Kimber   -  How To Make Friends
Michael Noonan   -  Floaters
Miguel Orozco   -  Mixteco Kid
Mike Battle   -  Hail Mary
Mike Powell   -  Liberté
Mikhail Saburov   -  Silver
Mikko Tormala   -  Big Sister
Minh-Anh Vo Dinh   -  Homesick, Home
Mishki Vaccaro   -  #FreeBritney
Natalia Vengerova   -  Maestro
Nichol Simmons   -  Baby Fat
Nicholas Oktaras   -  This Old Man
Nick Lemaster   -  A Bump Named Andy
Nick Perlman   -  Love Is Simple
Nolan Webster   -  Almost Heaven
Oliver John Rowe   -  Mr. One Day
Patrick McGrady   -  The Road Not Taken
Paul Knauer   -  Wait Till Next Year
Paul Mroczka   -  Illicit
Paula Caine   -  Encore
Pedro Suarez and Jose Yapur  -  Pretty Things
Peter Rex Feuchtwanger   -  The Last Siren
Phil Hamer   -  Side Step
Phil Mell and Casandra Wasaff  -  The Other Family
Rachel Ward    -  Typhoid Mary
Raul Sharma   -  Turnstile
Rebecca Benzell   -  The Girl and The Ghost
Rebecca Brewer   -  Story of My Life
Rick Jones   -  Extended Family
Rick McGovern   -  Black Powder
Rob Haffey   -  End His Bloodline
Robert D'Orazio   -  Creatures Down Below
Robert Hayhurst   -  The Madness of Poe
Robert M. Sheppe   -  Ghost/Writer
Roger Hart   -  A Better Future
Rosemary Griggs   -  Wounded Sky
Ryan Mekenian   -  The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair
Ryan Shrime   -  Please Don't Die, Roger Berman
Samantha Lee   -  Damoureux
Sarah Mokh   -  Diary of a Muslim Cynic
Sasha Lebedeva   -  The Red Roommates
Shawn Austin   -  Mother of All Living
Shawn Mahan   -  Saint Louis
Shayan Lotfi   -  Leave to Remain
Simon Phelps   -  The Highwaypersons
Skye Emerson    -  Salt & Honey
Spencer Janes   -  Adolescent Eschatology
Steve Utaski   -  Supermassive
Steven Howell and Jeffrey Howell  -  Fearless
Steven Snell   -  Punchbag
Steven Wilson   -  Reset
Suhashini Krishnan   -  Legends
Susan Polk   -  Maestra
Svilen Kamburov   -  King's Heart
Sydney Blackburn and Michael Waller  -  What Falls Between Us
Tammy Riley-Smith and Cigdem Hassan  -  Green Lanes
Taylor Grant   -  Savage By Nature
Theresa Carey   -  Mestengo
Thuy Hugens   -  Love, CF
Todd Crittenden and Vince Robbins  -  The Pirate Queen
Todd Scheiperpeter   -  Par 3
Tony Clemente Jr.   -  Marconiville
Tony Perez   -  Everything Goes
Toofun West and Anna West  -  Asylum
Tovya Jacobs   -  Piano Man
Trey Livingston   -  A Hunt Through Hell
Tricia Cerrone   -  The Skeleton Watch
Ty Hosler   -  Telluride's Fine Books
Ty Strange   -  Life On The Curb
Tyler Burke   -  To Care For
Tyler MyCale Young   -  Body Count
Varun Bhuchar   -  The Descent
Vimbai Ushe   -  Lagos
William Berlin   -  Navigating Julie Fisher
William Casey Moreton   -  Fight Like Hell
Zach Roe   -  Slash This!
Zack Rybak   -  Wasteland
Ziyad Saadi   -  Loss for Words