Academy Nicholl 2014 Ceremony | 2014
Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater
Thursday, November 13, 2014
Memorable Moments


2014 Academy Nicholl Winner
Alisha Brophy
Los Angeles, CA
Script: United States of Fuckin' Awesome

Written with Scott Miles -- When Jefferson finishes writing the Declaration of Independence, Washington and Franklin take him out to celebrate. After a night of debauchery they realize the document's missing.

2014 Academy Nicholl Winner
Melissa Iqbal
London, United Kingdom
Script: The Death Engine

In a world where forever never ends, Lily lives the perfect immortal life. But when she's diagnosed with the "melancholia," the incurable desire to die, she pays "The Death Engine" for the perfect death.

2014 Academy Nicholl Winner
Sallie West
Charleston, SC
Script: Moonflower

Although temporally separated, a luthier and a cellist find the means to enhance one another's virtuosity and engage in a rather outré September passion.


2014 Academy Nicholl Winner
Sam Baron
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Script: The Science of Love and Laughter

A neuroscientist trapped in the wrong job and the wrong relationship finally decides to turn his life around - but when he discovers his wife has cancer, he becomes determined to save his marriage.

2014 Academy Nicholl Winner
Scott Miles
Austin, TX
Script: United States of Fuckin' Awesome

Written with Alisha Brophy -- When Jefferson finishes writing the Declaration of Independence, Washington and Franklin take him out to celebrate. After a night of debauchery they realize the document's missing.

Ben Jacoby
Script: Earthwalkers
Duncan Samarasinghe
Script: The Caretaker
Josh Golden
Script: Road to Oz
Mike Van Waes
Script: Grave Hearts
Robert D. Cain
Script: Gagarin
Robert Wolfe Dunn & Ryan Trevino
Script: Arcadia
2014 Nicholl Semifinalists

Alec Banks, “The Bloody Mondays”
Micah Barber and Tony Faia, “Into the Who Knows!”
Danielle Barros, “The Executioner”
Phil Berger, “Subatomic”
Emily Blake, “Nobody Lives Forever”
Corey Bodoh-Creed, “Reckless Hearts”
Adam Bowers, “We're A Wasteland”
Whit Brayton and Zack Rice, “Bad Kill”
Chris K.T. Bright, “The Forbidden Island”
Andrew Brotzman, “I Await the Devil's Coming”
David Buik, “A Legacy”
Joseph Burke, “Comedy for the Blissful”
Andrew Byrne, “The Station”
Kevin Caruso, “Ghostland”
Trey Chace, “Break Every Chain”
Tony Chassion III, “The Last Fairy Tale”
George Chumo II, “Through the Dark House”
Jeff Cocco, “Jersey Blue”
Gregory Cohen, “The Archivist”
Dan Conway, “Sweet Dreams”
Robert M. Cosci, “The Lucky Bastard Club”
Jed Cowley, “Shale”
HF Crum, “3 Faces of Hunger & Thirst”
Adrian A Cruz, “The Alibi Guy”
Jack Davidson, “Clouds of Sorrow”
Jack Davidson, “For King and Country”
Jack Davidson, “The Great Sign”
Gwenhyver Davies, “Instruments of Death”
Kirk Davis and Samuel Sloves, “A Dangerous Mind”
John Dexter, “The Weeping Trees”
John Dilley and Seth Corr, “Penny”
Joel Dorland, “Girl and Robot”
Natan Dotan, “King Ludd”
John Dummer, “The Moonbeam Fisherman”
Carey Dunn, “The Moon, the Stars and All the Planets”
Matt Eames, “Full Steam Ahead”
Jonathan, “Red Right Hand”
Hasmik Ekimyan, “Steps to Becoming a Knight”
Kate Erickson, “We Only Get Better”
Dean Espinoza, “Forty Dead Men”
James Fant and Zach Cannon, “The Incomparable Donald Strange”
Andrew Farotte, “Possum”
Mike Farris, “The Catch”
Jeff Feuerstein, “Professor Pasghetti”
Jeffrey Field, “Jacksonville”
Rosanne Flynn, “Crossbones”
Austin Formato, “Clever Creatures”
Austin Formato, “Lilith”
David Garrett, “The Wretched End of Reve Clay”
Stephen Gibler, “Tijuana”
Vojin N. Gjaja, “Swing”
Lynn Esta Goldman, “Buddy, A Dog of New Orleans”
Shaun Michael Goldsmith, “The Death Squad”
Michael Grebb, “Bullies”
Jay Grewal, “The Sound of Sunrise”
Jesse Gustafson, “Ace of Spades”
James Han, “The Phantom Zone”
Tom Hanada, “In My Father's Basement”
R. J. Daniel Hanna, “Satan in Arkansas City”
Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey, “Photo Booth”
Ken Henderson, “Kiss Me Dead”
Adam Hofe and Topher Cusumano, “Bad Shine”
Jay Holmes, “In the Cradle of Granite”
Richard Horton, “The Question”
Eileen M. Hunter, “The Whole Catastrophe”
Alex Jablonski, “Blues Run the Game”
Ben Jacoby, “The Inklings”
Jesse Jordan, “The Long Bad Gone”
Jaimie Kanwar, “The Rapture of Cayden Kilgore”
Jack Kennedy, “You Are Here”
Kendell Courtney Klein, “The Author and the Aeronaut”
Michael Kogge, “Odyssey”
Dan Kokotajlo, “The Prefect”
Peter Koslik, “The Tunnel”
Mary Krell-Oishi, “The Art of Silence”
Damon James, “A Redhead Named Rasala”
Christopher J. Lee, “How Heavy the Rust”
T. N. Lewis, “Bastion”
Eli Linnetz and Mary Neely, “The Dark Room”
Keith Lynch and David T. Lynch , “Residual”
Skye Westley, “The Dark Age”
Patrick Mahon, “Cortex”
Aaron Marshall, “The Friend Zone”
Dan Marshall, “YOLO Forever”
Tim Marshall, “Followers”
Jared Jay Mason, “Podunk”
Nick May, “Under Cover of Darkness”
Michael McCoy, “Under the Rising Sun”
Ra'up McGee and Raymond Lee, “Edith and the Electric Railway”
Neal McLaughlin, “Middle School Mafia”
Shannon Michael Mier, “The Overnight Visit”
Samuel Douglas Miller, “The Cauldron”
Jimmy Mosqueda, “Valedictorian”
Charles Musser and Jonathan Lu, “Lorca”
Rohan Narula, “The Man Who Wore A Sanitary Pad”
Emily Needell, “The Water Man”
Tony Nichols, “Mr. Unlucky”
Michael Noonan, “Alternate Ending”
Andrew Page, “Claus”
Sita Palepu, “Reflections”
Zachary Parris, “Blackhats”
Jason Pittock, “Angel in the Marble”
Matt Quinn and Rick Mitchell, “Cryptozoology”
Myles Reid, “Sometimes the Wolf”
Michael Reisinger, “Jessie's Son”
Matt Richmond, “Verses”
P.E. Robinson, “Tourniquet”
Joanna Rogers, “Muttley and Co ”
Grant Rosenmeyer, “The Defectives”
Ryan Roy, “Murderabilia”
Robert Rue, “Detroit”
Erica Schreiber, “The Last Hope”
Paul Sellars, “The Judas Boy”
Stacie Shellner, “Saint Chloe”
Tamara Shogaolu, “Parsley”
Alex Simon, “Baron of Havana”
Zachary Sims, “Going to See the King”
Ruckus Skye and Lane Skye, “Rattle the Cage”
Andrew Friedhof, “Three Percent of Nothing”
Jon Smith and Ian Masters, “Before the Fall”
Sarah Adina Smith, “The Colony”
T.A. Snyder, “The Volunteer”
Anthony Stitt, “The Sneaker Man”
James Stubenrauch, “Hearts and Minds”
Michael Sutherland, “Method”
Guy Thompson, “(And I Feel Fine)”
Mattson Tomlin, “I'm Not Okay”
Ryan Trevino and Robert Wolfe Dunn, “Worry Dolls”
Jordan Trippeer, “You Are My Home”
David Trotti, “Containment”
David Trotti, “The Bond”
Kris Van Herle, “The Take”
Peter Scott Vicaire, “Fields of Honor & Shame”
Dev Wadhwa, “The Brothers Ternion”
Robert Warzecha and Matthew Tegtmeier, “Junk Island”
T.S. Watkins, “Sound Bytes”
Robert Keith Watson, “Bank Robbing For Dummies”
David Widdicombe, “Family Plot”

2014 Nicholl Quarterfinalists

David Abrookin, “Mudville”
Nick Adams, “The Alien Rover Trial”
Peter J. Alexander, “Novo Island”
Matthew Allen, “Barbaric”
Kelly Anelons, “Life's A Beaut”
Alex Ankrom, “Castles Made of Sand”
Elisabeth Annacone, “A Wish and a Prayer”
Lorelei Armstrong, “Lush Work”
Saman Awan, “She Who Reached For The Sun”
Christopher Baier, “Painting Picasso's”
Russell Bailey, “Stud”
Sandra Bailey, “Privileged Information”
Josh Barkey, “Pounders”
GJ Battle, “How to Animate Your Love Life”
Timothy Bentch, “Sadie”
Alex Berger, “Little Armenia”
Peter Besson, “Gypsy Rider”
Christopher Bowen, “Travis 6”
Justin Boyd, “The Depths”
Samantha Buck and Marie Schlingmann, “The Big D”
Curtis Burdick, “Protectors of the Black Prince”
Tanaya B. Burnham, “Western Flyer”
Jess Burns, “Lady Luck and the Sacred Heart”
John Burr, “Muse”
Caesar C., “Ugly Anonymous”
Bob Calabritto, “Spreading Evan”
Carolyn Cameron, “Schumann”
Fernanda Cardoso, “Oliver Knight”
Dave Cartel, “Blimp”
Chloe Castellón and Ridgeway Wilson, “An African Western”
Edgar Castillo, “Sundown Town”
Rufus Chaffee, “Three Sheets”
Neil Chase, “Iron Dogs”
Robert Cholette, “Real Time”
Chris Chun, “To Dream About Tomorrow”
Chris Chun, “To Know the Night”
Malani Coomes and Rachel Coomes, “Chastity McLane”
Drew Cosdon, “Seaworthy”
Dave Cowen, “Cops and Bots”
Katherine R. Craddock, “Band of Angels”
Max Cusimano, “Burden of Eternity”
Gavin Cutter, “Speak To Me”
Cory C. Dangerfield, “A Home on the Sea”
A.T. Darker, “Men of a Certain Nature”
Jeffrey Robert Davis, “River City Takedown”
Sebastian Davis and Mark Ganek, “106”
Charmaine DeGraté, “The Black Code”
Suvi Derkenne, “Veera”
Dani Di Placido, “Candi”
Eric Dietel, “12 Dollars Per Hour”
Harris Doran, “COG”
Mark Dormitorio and John Cruz, “Haven”
Dean Drake, “The Beard”
Bobby Duncan, “Cancer”
Kathryne Isabelle Easton, “"Happy Birthday, Ray!"”
Donna Edmond, “Shadow of the Bear”
Marcos Efron, “Music City”
Merva Faddoul, “The Golden Cap Club”
Alex Fazeli, “Tehran”
Jeffrey Field and Michelle Davidson, “No Man's Land”
Chuck Fitzpatrick, “In An Instant”
Sean Fitzpatrick, “The Eternals”
Marque Franklin-Williams, “Black Caesar”
Jessica A. Fritz, “Confessions of a Cutter”
Sean Gallagher, “The Throwaways”
Matthew Gibbon, “Rye Country”
Rachel Goldberg and Jonathan Pope Evans, “Transformation Awaits”
James E Gonzo, “God Given Right”
Lindsay Gossling, “The Hiding”
Ed Gray, “The Secret Life of Walter 'n' Maddy”
Solomon Gray, “Freeze”
Michael Grebb, “A Christmas Scheme”
Michael Grebb, “Terminal”
Joseph J. Greenberg, “Plain Jane & the Silent Scene Observed”
Suzanne Griffin, “The Italian Lover”
Stephie Grob Plante, “Runaways”
Peter Groth, “The Book of Life”
Joe Guerra, “In Ashes Burning”
Angelle Haney Gullett, “Lost Art”
Chris Hager, “Proxima”
Joe Halstead, “Black Ox”
Kristin Andrea Hanratty, “Tyler's Revolution ”
Joshua Harmon, “The Anarchist”
Brent Hartinger, “Decked”
Brennig Hayden, “Big Red”
Robert Hayhurst, “The Madness of Poe”
Titus Heckel, “Chaos Theory”
Brian Hightman and Jason Freedman, “Brother Billy”
Jennifer Hightower, “God's Apology”
Zack Hill and Matthew Riffle, “Chasing Oblivion”
Michael X. Hoje, “Through the Eyes of Umutoni”
Christian Honce, “Fuck Her”
(M) Christian Honce, “Popular Lies”
Richard Horton, “Proxies”
Lawrence Horwitz, “The Prayer”
Jenna Hostutler, “Charleston”
Ben Hunter, “Fado e Saudade (Fate & Longing)”
Paul Jarnagin, “S.D.I. - The Other Star Wars”
Alyssa Jefferson, “The Gardener”
Dominique Johnson, “Red State”
Bryce Wolfgang Joiner, “The Beast in Kansas”
Nicholas Julius, “The Mythfitz”
Crystal Kaba, “Play with Me”
Stefanie Kahn, “Treading Water”
Arlene Kalem, “Bradigan and the Banshee”
Bill Kelly, Jr., “Fit for Life”
Corinne Kelly, “Master Dancer”
Logan Kibens and Sharon Greene, “Operator”
Brian Kindregan, “How Katrina Slate Came of Age, Despite her Best Efforts”
Nick King, “Donors”
Kendell Courtney Klein, “Chas Addams”
J. A. Kolkey and Christopher Kolkey, “The Wild East”
Matthew R. Konopka, “Infinite Darkness”
Andrejs Kovalovs, “Mind Virus”
Yulin Kuang, “Irene Lee, Girl Detective”
Kristine Kubat, “Real Girls Don't Cry”
Jesse La Plante, “The Absolution of Jonah White”
Steven Labeille, “Haddegon Tails”
Katiedid Langrock, “Preggers”
Ehud Lavski, “Things I Saw Before I Went Blind”
Deborah Leoni, “Night Swim”
Daniel Stewart Levy, “Sentinel Event”
Richard Lister, “Expiration”
Alison Star Locke, “The Complex”
Christopher James Lopez and Davi Santos, “The Final Act”
Steven A Lundgren, “Of Silent Mind”
Gina Maciuszek, “Wife Material”
RJ Madison, “The Forest”
Marie Maroun, “The Olive Tree”
Brian John Martin, “Martyr”
Casey Martin, “Why I Never Went to College”
Monique Mata, “The Turning Season”
Baz McAlister, “Do Not Go Gentle”
Shane McCabe, “Next of Kin”
Kerry Elizabeth McPherson, “All the Pretty Ones”
Rory Mcqueen, “Garbage Bag Cash”
Nancy C. Mejia, “Jennifer's Tigers”
Eliana Michelle, “The Monster Under the Bed”
Ryan Miles, “Big Smile”
Corey William Mitchel, “Little Tokyo”
Anthony Moore and Matt Getty, “Pretty in Black”
Michael D Morra, “Saving Lexie Lee Kennedy”
Holly Morris, “Hey Deanie”
Jay Natelle and Martyn Hobbs, “Byron Mad, Bad and Dangerous”
James O'Fallon, “DeadSpace”
L.M. Oliver and Jake Green, “Rescue Train: The Motion Picture”
Andrew S. Olson, “The Bubblegum Killer”
Michael OReilly, “Glory Days”
Damon O'Steen, “The Days on End”
America Michele Palacios, “Accordion People”
Stacie Passon, “Strange Things Started Happening”
Nihar Patel, “The First Loser”
Julie Pedersen, “The Interview”
Brian Penn, “The Nothing Man”
David Pergolini, “The Harvest”
Kaz Phillips Safer, “Waterline”
Craig Pickens, “The Old Country”
Ben Pickles, “Of Glass and Golden Clockwork”
Jason Pittock, “Face to Face”
Ryan Poenisch, “The Most Dangerous Threat to the United States...”
Lee Praley, “I am Become the Sea”
Ross Putman, “Keep the Car Running”
James P. Rabb, “One”
James Raue, “Psychoanalysis”
Michael Raymond, “Glow Stick”
Josh Renfree, “The Event”
Claudia Restrepo and Alexandra Bair, “Chicago Candid”
Rob Rex, “Axis”
Jim Ritterhoff and Brian Forrest, “Scheme of Things”
Fergal Rock, “Ava”
Deborah Romare and Vincent J. Wiley, “Raccoon”
C. Alec Rossel, “The Shooting of Barry Miller”
Glynn Roth, “The Desert”
Conrad Rothbaum, “I Regret Nothing”
Michele Ryan, “Second Lives”
Spencer Saints, “Pirate School”
Robert Samuelson, “The Camera Man”
Ramesh Santanam, “Our Enemies”
Michael Saul, “Collected”
Elizabeth Savage Sullivan, “Splitting Shadows”
Irina Schmedes and Todd Serlin, “Edge of Mania”
Jenny Seidelman, “Henry Moore is Melting”
Eli Shapiro, “More Than Cold Feet”
Rae Shaw, “The Repass”
Stacie Shellner, “Mr. Invincible”
Rosaia A. Shepard, “City of N.O.”
Paul Sheridan, “The Monster of Perfect, California”
Ashley Sims, “The Empire Builder”
Joanne Small, “Falling Through the Crack”
Henderson Smith, “The Ugly Princess - The Last of the Winnowwood”
Jeff Bay Smith, “The Kid”
Devi Snively, “The Art of Suicide”
Lexia Snowe, “Infirm Terrain”
Emily Solomon, “Which Way Is Not Death”
Quinn Sosna-Spear, “The Mortician's Son”
Carlos M. Soto, “Lend Me Your Ears”
Rebecca Stay, “Becoming Norma-L”
Rachel Stevens, “Blasphemy”
Renee Stock, “Goldfish and Minotaur”
J Stuart, “Two Suns”
Giovanni Alexander Taveras, “Serenity's Cross”
Christopher Tedrick, “April Flowers”
Jasmin Tekiner, “Self-Defense”
Lane Thomas and Kristoffer McMillan, “Caged”
Mary Tierney and Theresa Tierney , “Beyond the Painted Line”
Ryan Trevino, “Packingtown”
Miley Tunnecliffe, “Run Santos Run”
David Harrison Turner, “The Keeper of the Cup”
Paul Undari, “Roulette”
Rae Valtierra, “Pestilence”
Katherine VanPelt, “The Circle and the Sway”
Scott Wascha, “Catalyst”
Ben Watts, “When the Devil's Loose”
Kate Welshman, “The Sound of Crazy Mountains”
Tracy Whitaker, “Extraction”
Nathan Wilcoxen, “Where Devils Roam”
Richard Willett, “The Flid Show”
Martin Williams, “An Ideal Killer”
Robert Williams, “Wheels”
Maria Wilson, “Duct Tape & Flowers”
Dawn Fields Wise, “The Poem ”
Hillary Rose Yablon, “The Good Cancer”
Jennifer Yee, “12 Seconds”
Katharine Yee, “Little Sinner”
Jeff York, “Play Dirty”
Kelly Younger, “Street View”
Ali Imran Zaidi, “Molly Lives Inside”
Tom Zmiarovich, “Klondike Mike”
Matthew Zoni, “Clean Break”