Alumni Program

Student Oscars, Student Film, Sundance, Talent Development and Inclusion

The Academy Gold Alumni Program is a career advancement initiative to promote continued access, opportunity, professional development and education for alumni of the Academy’s talent development, diversity and inclusion programs.  Partnerships, events and activities within this program are crafted to support the career trajectories of emerging filmmakers and future industry leaders.

Alumni from the following programs are invited into the Academy Gold Alumni Program community:





Once an emerging filmmaker has completed their respective talent development program, they are paired with an esteemed and accomplished Academy member mentor via the formal Gold mentorship program.

For more information on how to engage with Academy Gold Alumni or to access the talent directory and database hiring opportunities, please send an inquiry here.

Affinity Groups exist as spaces for creating and sustaining community within the Academy Gold Alumni population. Within these groups, Gold alumni can connect with peers from potential shared identities and/or experiences as well as allies.  The groups are led by the next generation of industry influencers themselves, and are an opportunity for like-minded networking, shared voice collaboration and professional-to-professional support. Current groups include:

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Affinity Group
  • Black Diaspora Affinity Group
  • Latinx Affinity Group
  • LGBTQ Affinity Group
  • Women Affinity Group

The Academy Gold Mentorship Program pairs alumni of the Academy’s diversity, equity and inclusion talent development programs with Academy members to serve as mentors for an 8 month period. This formal program has demonstrated succes supporting the career trajectories of emerging filmmakers and future industry leaders.

The Academy Gold Mentorship Program’s mission is:

  • To prepare emerging filmmakers and industry professionals from underrepresented backgrounds to work in the film industry via learning from Academy members’ experiences, insights and feedback.
  • To build a mentoring partnership that allows for collaboration between mentor and mentee with the common purpose of enrichment, learning and career goal support.
  • To allow for meaningful, intergenerational conversations about the film industry and its past, present and future.
  • To help emerging filmmakers and young professionals build relevant skills in forming and maintaining important interpersonal and professional mentoring relationships.