Alfredo Botello
Script: The Crasher
Christine R. Downs
Script: Victory Road
Doug Atchison
Script: Akeelah and the Bee
Gabrielle Burton
Script: The Imperial Waltz
James M. Foley
Script: Powder River Breakdown
E. J. Campfield
Script: Circle of Fire
Joel B. Strunk
Script: Veterans Day
Patricia Burroughs
Script: Dreamers
Thomas A. Conklin
Script: Big Dog
2000 Nicholl Semifinalists

Vicki B. Adams, “Breaking Ice”
Steve R. Allrich, “Liar's Bluff”
Brian Anderson, “The Greatest Magician of All Time”
Kelly J. Aumaier, “Normal”
Blair Baron, “The Wanderlust”
Heidi Barron, “Wildcat”
Kerry L. Beyer, “Mad Season”
Teena M. Booth, “Showstopper”
Simon Bowler, “The Enigma of Christopher Marlowe”
John D. Brumm, “Indian Country”
Ruth E. Campbell, “Snake Catcher”
Ruth E. Campbell, “The Kiss of Death”
John W. Ciarlo, “Bend in the River”
Michael W. Coady, “Fools Gold”
Sarah A. Conradt, “Becoming Ursula”
Sarah A. Conradt, “The Moon and Other Things”
Aleksandra D. Crapanzano, “Mr. Ruskin's Bride”
John G. Culton, “The Queen's Mark”
Peder L. Dahlberg, “The Second Soldier”
Jeff R. Davis, “Carolina Moon”
Peter E. De Conceicao, “Schrodinger's Cat”
David W. DiGilio, “One Single Victory”
Tyler E. Dilts, “Near East”
James F. Dugan, “A Curious Undertaking”
Michael D. Farris, “Breach of Ethics”
Christopher F. Foley, “Red Card”
James R. Frazier, “The Last Buffalo Hunter”
Christopher J. Fredericks, “Reckoning”
Suzie B. Fromer, “Mrs. Christie”
Michael A. Giampa, “The Cleaners”
James Richard Glaser, “Night of the Gypsy”
Frederic L. Glover, “A Heart Like Hubert”
Stephen Goetsch, “The Writer”
Vernon Goldsmith, “Falling Pieces”
Jeremy P. Gough, “Medicine”
Philip Grayson, “A Mid-20th Century Fable”
Joshua A. Grossberg, “The Ascendance”
Kimberly Harwood, “Dream Box”
Cindy D. Hewitt, “Thirty Seconds”
Gary D. Howell, “The Edge of War”
George D. Huang, “ROM”
Emilio J. Iasiello, “They Call Him Mr. Twilight”
Loren J. Johnson, “Live A Little”
Suzanne V. Johnson, “Weather or Not”
Edward M. Jordon, “The Teeny-Tiny Bowling Alley”
John P. Kane, “Dandy Andy”
Matthew W. Krause, “Playaction”
Michael S. Kravitz, “Death Benefits”
Kevin A. Kreiger, “Road”
Michael J. Lacombe, “Rpm”
Tom Lavagnino, “Miss Refrigeradorable”
Barry L. Levy, “2:37pm”
Michael S. Lightner, “Public Enemy Number One”
Salvador A. Litvak, “Granite”
Murray D. Logan, “Steam”
Steven A. Luff, “Hudson Square”
Kate Maney, “Morisot”
John R. Marlow, “Nano”
John R. Marlow, “Thunder on the Plains”
Joshua J. Marston, “Maria Full of Grace”
Melinda A. May, “Bro (Bull Riders Only)”
John A. McCarty, “Deadfall”
Dane E. McCauley, “Fury”
Thomas F. McCluskey, “Nick & Holly”
Kevin S. McKeever, “Gunman's March”
Jack W. Millard, “Buzz”
Steven A. Miller, “The Alaskan Conspiracy”
Rhoderyc Montgomery, “The Daylight Savings Time Conspiracy”
Torye A. Mullins, “Breathing Underwater”
Henry A. Myers, “House Tornado”
Christopher Nelson, “Robbing Bear”
Shannon C. Nelson, “Wishful Thinking”
Randy O'Brien, “The Uprising”
Richard R. Oesterheld, “Liebestraum”
Rick Paone, “Twisting Slowly”
Lew Passmore, “Four Last Songs”
Diane P. Patterson, “The Emerald Tiger”
Marc G. Pitre, “Juvenile”
Amanda J. Roberts, “Renshaw's Modern Manners”
Don V. Roff, “The Lord of the Yards”
Clive Rosengren, “Remington Rangers”
Creighton D. Rothenberger, “A Secret Admirer”
Whit Rummel, “Gold Leaf”
John J. Ryan, “The Factory”
Scott Sandoe, “Points of Deviations”
Lisanne Sartor, “Night Blooming Jasmine”
Tim J. Schildberger, “The Chance”
Craig A. Schwartz, “Ride the Sun”
Miranda Seymour, “The Little Prince”
Aaron Sicherman, “The Broome Closet”
James V. Simpson, “The Bridge”
Gene F. Smith, “The Pursued”
Jeffrey J. Stouffer, “Kiss of Angels”
Sarah Jane Stratford, “Exquisite Shivers”
Joel B. Strunk, “Ebbing of the Tide”
James W. Taylor, “Compassion”
Renny Temple, “Wheels”
Michael A. Thompson, “Corporate”
Alastair J. A. Thorne, “Danny Boy”
Iain S. Tibbles, “The King of Hubris”
Sven P. Toorvald, “The Two Legged”
Tim Tyler, “The First”
Erik A. Venema, “Pandora's Door”
David M. Warnock, “Runaway Colt”
Steve A. Warren, “Marcus”
Cynthia Webb, “The Grape Arbor”
Barbara J. Wilder, “Red Raven”
Timothy Williams, “The Outlaws”
Jan E. Wilson, “900 Days”
Gwendolyn C. Womack, “To Come Again”
Thomas G. Zmiarovich, “Eden”

2000 Nicholl Quarterfinalists

Diane Adair-McDonald, “Shirley, Goodness and Mercy”
Chase Adams, “Supernova”
W. James Au, “0.02”
Jack H. Bailey, “The Bottom Line”
Anthony Baldasare, “Devils in the Wild”
Randi A. Barnes, “Pomp and Circumstance”
Steven R. Berko, “Trap Door”
Tamar Bihari, “Heart Of Gold”
Erica Bisch, “Combat Television”
Alison M. La Bonne, “Free Air”
Ray Bordogna, “Where Angels Feared to Tread”
Janet L. Borrus, “The Ramona Roses”
Samuel M. Bozzo, “Sweet and Sour”
Michael G. Branch, “Mezcal”
Alan Brooks, “Blind Mary”
William F. Brown, “The Name Droppers”
Charles R. Burmeister, “Mercury Plains”
Charles R. Burmeister, “Smoke & Mirrors”
Evan D. Camfield, “You and Your Sister”
Brian C. Cannon, “The Mapmaker”
Louis M. Casabianca, “Knife Edge Pass”
Jude Chapman, “The Green-Eyed Dick”
Dennis Coleman, “My Real Story”
James A. Colin, “Sovereignty”
Dave Collard, “Thats What Friends Are For”
Timothy F. Connolly, “Sex, Death, and Erosion”
Michael K. Cravotta, “Virtual Blue”
Dog Davis, “Big Thicket”
J. P. Davis, “Fighting Tommy Riley”
Dov S. Engelberg, “Nine to a Unit”
Peter R. Estes, “Out of State”
Michael S. Ezell, “The Trouble with Martin”
Celia M. Fischer, “Bottomfeeders”
Gary Flaxman, “Executive Privilege”
Patricia E. Francis, “Windowpane”
James R. Frazier, “The God Cell”
Howard S. Fridkin, “Crime Fantastique”
Saul D. Fussiner, “This Is Not a Love Song”
Bob Gebert, “After You”
Lisa M. Glass, “Sam”
Lynn Esta Goldman, “Planet Of Anger”
Rebecca G. Goodberg, “The Murder of Edna Ray”
David M. Guest, “Lemon Grove”
Hal B. Haberman, “The Failures”
Joyce Marie Hall-Murray, “Seek a Wild Wind”
Petra Hammerl, “Pomerania”
Christopher J. Hansen, “Keeping Up With the Joneses”
Jason D. Hennessy, “Little Red Corvette”
Stevan C. Holmes, “Alkies and Angels”
Robert S. Horvath, “Pink Pontiac”
Robert S. Horvath, “That's Amore!”
Tobias Iaconis, “Zero Space”
J. Kevin Janow, “Hunted”
Akin A. Jayeola, “No Fixed Abode”
David H. Johnson, “Redemption Song”
Mollie A. Jones, “Chinese Baby”
Michael Kacey, “Shroud”
Sarah M. Kellogg, “Lifesaver”
Janine L. Kijner, “My Fathers Wedding”
Michael B. Kriegsman, “Outward Bound”
Diane Lacey, “Lusitania”
Joel Lafemina, “Where's Cappy”
Steven E. Larson, “Beyond Duluth”
Charles K. Lee, “Paint My Love”
Steven G. Leiner, “Where are You, Troy?”
Jason E. Lenz, “A Perfect Life”
Michelle L. Linder, “Surviving the Cure”
Carl Long, “Hooligans”
Janis Lonnquist, “Low Road”
Andrew Loose, “The Great Pretenders”
Stephen J. MacNeil, “The Greater Good”
Elizabeth M. Mantis, “Chloe”
Eric C. Marks, “The Black Gun”
John C. Mastromarino, “My Lady”
Ansley E. McBryde, “Ridley”
Rian E. McCarthy, “Montauk”
Toni McGee Causey, “Between Now and Then”
Patrick W. Melton, “Autumn Light”
Sylvia A. Mulholland, “Looks Can Kill”
Quincy Q. Munson, “Lessons I Learned From a Cheap French Whore”
Greg Murphy, “On the Edge of Town”
Henry A. Myers, “Coyotes”
James A. Newton Jr., “Flying Kites”
Andy J. Nugent, “Glory Days”
Katherine E. O'Brien, “Pierced”
Nelson Penn, “Mango Juice”
Alisan L. Peters, “Under a Hard Blue Sky”
Jennifer L. Peterson, “Young Lincoln”
Bradley A. Pontecore, “Land's End”
Michele M. Poydence, “O.B.E. (Out Of Body Experience)”
Margaret C. Price, “Silver Lions”
Stephen M. Pullen, “Quietus”
Paul Quicke, “Isle of the Dead”
Thomas W. Rhoads, “USA.Com”
Dave S. Richards, “The Pact”
Robert S. Rosenthal, “Project Ezekiel”
Philip W. Roufail, “Nickel Alley”
Ian G. Roumain, “Feed”
Steven J. Russ, “A Reindeer Was Stirring”
Marc B. Sandler, “Shadow Glories”
William N. Schwartz, “Elixir”
Kevin Sharp, “Left at Albuquerque”
Rosaia A. Shepard, “Kindred”
Lynne M. Sherbondy, “North of Delirium”
Thomas M. Silvestri, “Black Hearts”
Glenn M. Small, “Endit”
Betty E. Smith, “Kitchen Privileges”
Charles R. Sosa, “The Search for Manola”
Anh N. Ta, “Transylvania Has No Vampires”
Nicole D. Thomas, “All You Can Eat”
Leonard E. Thurman, “Bessie Hyde”
Barbara A. Tomko, “Craic”
Tim M. Tonelli, “Morning Rush”
Craig Ugoretz, “Hal's Gift”
Valgo Urtone, “William and Henry”
Patricia S. Wall, “If Aliens Go to Heaven”
William E. Wallo, “Cold Iron”
Stacy L. Weiss, “Space Oddity”
Johnny C. White, Jr., “The Faktz”
Matthew D. Widman, “The Gospel of Now”
Keith H. Wildasin, “Stranglehold”
Gary J. Winter, “The Sea Pigeon”
Robert K. Wittenberg, “The Oinkaroo”
Gene J. Wolande, “Timeframe”
Ben L. Wong, “Time Ship”
Richard Fierro Xolotl, “Sadd Valley Prison”
Taesik Yoon, “Double Down”