Amy Garcia & Cecilia Contreras
Script: Amelia Earhart and the Bologna Rainbow Highway
Andrew Shearer & Nicholas J. Sherman
Script: Holy Irresistible
David Mango
Script: Kissing a Suicide Bomber
Michael L. Hare
Script: The Fly Fisher
Sidney King
Script: Kalona
Andrew Pritzker
Script: Sweet In The Saddle
Brett Nicholson
Script: Queen of the Sky
John Robert Marlow
Script: Nano
Julian Breece
Script: Ball
Lisa M. Gold
Script: The Poker Wars
2007 Nicholl Semifinalists

Melissa C. Alexander, “The Promise”
Eyal Alony, “Return”
Steven Arvanites, “Grilled Cheese Virgin”
Jack Bailey, “Scorpion’s Dance”
David A. Baker, “The Eulogist”
Blaire Baron-Larsen, “The Wanderlust”
Michael R. Batty, “Rakehell”
Deborah A. Baxtrom, “Monstrous Passions -- The Life of Mary Shelley”
Matthew N. Bell, “149 Feet”
James R. Bicknell, “Telegram Boy”
Thomas J. Brady, “Middle of Nowhere”
Maurice J. Brown, “The Baka”
Sheila Callaghan, “Fish Bites Fish's Tail”
Robert Carter, “Recalling Montana”
Trai Cartwright, “Balsawood”
Alan Caudillo, “Frontier”
Sarah A. Conradt, “Becoming Ursula”
Brian G. Craft, “The Burning Man”
William E. Danielson, “Sarah Holcomb”
Tina M. Datsko de Sanchez & Jose Sanchez-H., “La Paz ”
Brian Samuel Davis, “Waterloo ”
Jeffrey R. Davis, “Lawyers, Guns & Money”
Eli Despres & Kim Roberts, “Delinquents”
Paula J. DiSante, “The Road Rise Up”
Lauri Donahue, “Whiplash”
Patrick A. Donohoe, “Alex Sommerville is Dead”
Frank R. Faller, “Dr. Jock”
Margaret G. Friedman, “Big Mouth”
Margaret G. Friedman, “Do No Harm”
Asher Garfinkel, “Kitchen Girl”
Frank M. Gilliland, “The Concert”
Latrisse D. Goffigan, “Germain’s Prime”
Lynn Esta Goldman, “Bake Off!”
Jason L. Graman, “On Impact”
John J. Griffin, “Dream Before Waking”
Marzena Grzegorczyk Ginsberg, “Sex Life of Savages”
Diane L. Hanks, “The Patriot Spy”
Andrea Hardie, “Dakota Bound”
Mischa Hiller, “Sabra Zoo”
Bryan C. Hilson, “The Wrinkleman”
Danny M. Howell, “The Paper Route”
Soo Hugh, “Rain for Kabul”
Paul I. Johnson, “A Tin of Paint”
Ruth E. Johnson, “To the Ice”
Lynne R. Kamm, “Struck”
Marc D. Ketchem, “Geek Magic ”
Michael J. LaCombe, “Shockwaves”
Eric Lin, “Why We Pull the Trigger”
Steven Loeb, “Can’t Stop Killing in Weed, Oregon”
George S. Mahaffey, “The Covenant”
David Mango, “Just Another Whore”
Eric Maran, “Fragile”
Patricia Marx, “The Bardo Travelogues”
Mary E. McCullough, “The Suicide Notes”
Rebekah M. McDaniel, “Kingdom of Daylight ”
Geordie H. McElroy & Matthew J. Bookman, “A Blueprint For Successful Living ”
H. Woods McLaughlin, “Dragon Child”
Timothy  Miller, “The Ugly Gun”
Khurram Mozaffar, “Man of Clay”
Antoinette Mullins, “The Hermit of Far Rockaway”
Afia S. Nathaniel, “Neither the Veil Nor the Four Walls”
Joe Nava, “The Dying Words of August”
Joe Nienalt, “Smile”
Thomas S. Nowlin, “Lady of the Lake”
Kelly Parks, “Howard's Cross”
Kevin Parry, “Game On”
Ryan M. Peek, “A Pawn in the Game”
Peter Pham, “Derailed”
Demetrious Polychron, “The Unknown Actor”
Michael Seth Prell, “Warhounds”
Deborah S. Prespare, “Moon Drops”
James A. Rabbitts, “The Nine Second Club”
Mitchell E. Reiter & Svetlana Gerasimova, “Half The World”
Jeffrey E. Ritchie, “Fall From Grace”
Scott K. Ritchie, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”
Craig A. Rosen, “Roll Call”
Alan Roth, “Hang Time”
David S. Rothley, “The Disappeared”
James W. Russo, “The Saints of Brooksville”
David M. Shailer, “The Jeweler's Wife”
Karl J. Shefelman, “The Chicken Hunters”
Andrew Sherman, “Return to Dust”
Kaile Shilling, “25 to Life”
Carrie L. Smith, “Manchu Park ”
Henderson Smith, “The Ugly Princess”
Joel C. Thomas, “The Mark of a Bastard”
Desson P. Thomson, “Great Falls ”
David A. Tish, “No. 1 with a Bullet”
Colburn Tseng, “Super”
David Ullendorff, “The Patron Saint of Disappointing Children”
Patrick C. Vala-Haynes, “The Henchman”
Kris E. Van Herle, “Priced to Sell”
Louis S. Voiler, “Jackalope”
Rane Wallin, “The Devouring”
David M. Warnock, “Bull Comb Blues”
Scott Weber, “A Tinker's Damn”
Gali Wexler, “The Sealed Room”

2007 Nicholl Quarterfinalists

Salla A. Alfieri, “Luca's Ark”
Greg Amici, “Let x=2”
Abby Anderson, “Chronically Single”
John Arends, “Solomon's Whale”
Lorelei Armstrong, “One Man Olympics”
Gus Avila, “Closer to Fine”
Robert Barrett, “A Dangerous Practice ”
Michael R. Batty, “The Barbary Coast”
Cameron W. Baughn, “The Jabberwock”
James L. Beggarly, “Unpublished”
Jeff Beres, “The Guy in the Hole”
Jason C. Blackwell, “Stronger”
Mark E. Bremhorst, “The Knight of Dinkytown”
Benjamin A. Budd, “Sundowners”
Patrick J. Buss, “A New Orleans Tale”
Gerry Byron, “Do Unto Others”
Marco P. Calavita, “Overthrow”
Brad C. Campbell, “Saving Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow”
Brad C. Campbell, “Bad Penny”
Charlie J. Charbonneau, “Canary”
Paul Chepikian, “Emily's Numbers”
Jim Cliffe & Melodie Krieger, “Donovan's Echo”
John Cockrell, “The Whistle Blower”
Michael Cohen Elyanow, “War Is, Like, Totally Hell”
Landon D. Collins, “Thicker Than Blood”
Katherine  A. Collins , “Magpie”
Ryan J. Condal, “Bogie's Falcon”
Ryan J. Condal, “Human Resources”
Lindsey K. Connell, “Shadows and the Man”
Alex Cramer, “How I Survived High School”
John G. Culton, “The Queen’s Mark”
Christopher Dack & Michael W. Dack, “Bloody Mary”
Scott N. Davisson, “Penance”
Yonatan Doron, “Happy Misconception”
Robert P. Dorrell, “Trading In Souls”
Chuck Duffie, “Veneer”
Hart Eddy, “[Killbox]”
Tim S. Fisher, “The Resurrection Men”
Jonathan M. Flicker, “The Crossing”
Geneva  Fowler, “Viva Lucita”
Matthew N. Gibbon, “The Prenup”
Daniel S. Gordon, “The Great American Novel”
Pawel Grajnert, “Shoe In”
Misha Green, “Amazons”
Tjardus Greidanus, “A New York Heartbeat”
Erik J. Gudris, “The History of Objects”
Oscar Eugenio Guido & Diego Prats, “Sophron”
Ronald A. Gunter, “A Fiddle & A Bow”
Kristian O. Hager, “The Frayed Ends”
Kristin M. Hanggi & Micah A. Hauptman, “Less Than Kind”
Kristin M. Hanggi & Micah A. Hauptman, “North Hills”
Colt R. Hansen, “Break”
Robert P. Hayhurst, “The Madness of Poe”
Esther Haynes, “Attica Love”
John Henderson, “Downsizing”
John A. Hobson, “Leonardo and Lisa”
Ursula Holloman, “Suck”
Randall A. Hopkins & John O. Nelson, “One in a Million”
James F. Huston, “Suitable For Framing”
Chip H. James, “Klownz”
David I. Jenkins, “Ghosts of September”
Morgan S. Jones, “Cheyenne Laird”
Maxine Jordan, “Dark River ”
Shannon J. Kelley, “The Ghost Robber”
David H. Kline, “The Big Orange”
S. Douglas Knox, “In the Lion's Den”
Danny B. Kravitz, “Flow”
Michael T. Kuciak, “Par For Course”
Gary Laipply, “Shunpike”
Eric LaValle, “Let It Bleed”
Stephen Leach, “Rockwell”
Robert Lewis, “Blindsided”
Gregory J. Lind, “Two Black Bags”
Len Lippman & Ali Lippman, “The Messenger”
Gabriel C. Llanas, “Eco Academy ”
Alyssa Lobit, “The Things We Carry”
Steven Loeb, “Pull on This”
Halli Lorentz, “Tyticleez”
Hugh A. Lowe, “Ticket to Heaven”
David Mango, “Leaving Paradise”
David Mango, “Seurat's Tower”
John Robert Marlow, “Snowjob”
Jim Mather, “The Vicious Lamb of God”
Jason S.W. McCulloch, “Old Dogs”
Mark N. McDevitt, “A Complete Unknown”
Alex Michaelides & Frog Stone, “Fade Out”
James W. Miller, “Slugger”
Jonathan J. Miller, “Garbo's Last Stand”
Scott "Galanty" M. Miller, “Western”
Per Mühlow & Anders Rasmusson, “Dreams of a Synthetic Soul”
Kristine N. Muller, “Water on the Desert”
Matthew W. Murphy, “Four Out of Five”
Matthew W. Murphy, “Walk-In Closet”
Beverly M. Neufeld, “Second Son”
Sean S. O'Donnell, “I’ll Take Tomorrow”
Michael O'Reilly, “Wolfe Tone”
Marianne D. Oberle, “Paper Son”
Andrew M. Pagana & Justin Thomas, “The Man in the Rearview Mirror”
Lee Patterson, “The Woman of His Dreams”
Bradley O. Paul, “Gun Cold”
Derek I. Pierce, “The Thirteenth Skull”
Michael R. Pollard, “Once...and for All”
Thomas J. Potter, “Stone Groove”
Michael Raymond, “Abilene ”
Calix L. Reneau, “Kansas City ”
Rusty Rhodes, “The California Hotel Murders of 1896: A Love Story”
Kenneth W. Richards, “Peace On Earth (and goodwill to all men)”
Jocelyn Rose, “Maze”
Mitchell Rose & Derek Ivan Webster, “Crackatooq”
Janet L. Ross-Pilla, “Eyes of a Secret”
Deborah E. Ryan, “His Fatal Tale”
Janine M. Salinas, “Tercio De Muerte”
Kieran H. Scarlett , “The Death of Richard Young”
Steve Schoen & James S. Loos, “Heart of the Rain”
Jerome A. Schwartz, “Tapscott”
Kathryn Sheard, “Painless”
Blair D. Shedd, “Wayward Son”
John Paul Sheerin, “The Tin Man”
Ian Simpson, “Asleep, Underwater”
Anita J. Skibski, “The Plane Crash Portion of Your Amazon Adventure”
Lizanne Southgate, “Tiger, Tiger”
Jon Stahl, “The Stolen”
Michael Starrbury, “Beautiful Struggle”
Michael Starrbury, “Disciple”
James Stevens-Arce, “Sins of the Heart”
Christopher S. Switzer, “Dirt”
Mary E. Szmagaj, “Juan Doe”
Tim M. Tonelli, “Across the Wire”
Christopher H. Tovar, “The Ninja and The Witch”
Kris J. Turner, “Dead of Winter”
Kris E. Van Herle, “My Waking Life”
Brad S. Vassar, “The Meek”
Erik Vidal, “Stringers”
Amy Waddell, “The Dirty Half Dozen”
Chris E. Wallace, “Temple of the Stars”
Kenneth B. Weaver, “Green”
Avi Z. Weider, “Zeroes and Ones”
Jennifer Westcott, “Bed Bugs”
Douglas K. Westerbeke, “A Pilgrimage with Vampyres”
Charles J. Whitesell, “Salamander Dali”
Michael Whitton, “At Gunpoint”
Alex C. Williams, “Aces and Eights”
Wenonah E. Wilms, “Beaded Road”
Shar Wlaysewski, “The Cannery”
Gary A. Wright, “The Riggs Translation”