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The 37th Student Academy Awards | 2010
Samuel Goldwyn Theater
Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luke Matheny, Narrative Gold Medal

Jennifer Bors, Animation Gold Medal

Ruth Fertig, Documentary Gold Medal

Memorable Moments

Jeremy Renner and Lubomir Kocka (Narrative Bronze Medal, "The Lunchbox")


Penelope Spheeris and Maria Royo (Documentary Silver Medal, "Rediscovering Pape")


Academy President Tom Sherak and Tanel Toom (Honorary Foreign Film, "The Confession")


Varathit Uthaisri

“Surface: Film from Below,” 
Gold Medal
"Surface: Film from Below" BY Varathit Uthaisri
Parsons The New School for Design, New York

Emily Henricks

Silver Medal
" Multiply" BY Emily Henricks
University of Southern California

Jennifer Bors

“Departure of Love”
Gold Medal
"Departure of Love" BY Jennifer Bors
Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida

Isaiah Powers and Jeremy Caspe

 “Dried Up”
Silver Medal
" Dried Up" BY Isaiah Powers and Jeremy Caspe
Kansas City Art Institute, Missouri

Andres Salaff

Bronze Medal
"Lifeline" BY Andres Salaff
 California Institute of the Arts

Ruth Fertig

“Yizkor (Remembrance)”
Gold Medal
"Yizkor (Remembrance)" BY Ruth Fertig
University of Texas at Austin

Maria Royo

“Dreams Awake (Sueña Despierto)”
Silver Medal
" Rediscovering Pape" BY Maria Royo
 City College of New York

Tanel Toom

“The Confession” 
"The Confession" BY Tanel Toom
The National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, United Kingdom

Luke Matheny

 “God of Love”
Gold Medal
"God of Love" BY Luke Matheny
 New York University

Kim Spurlock

 “Down in Number 5”
Silver Medal
"Down in Number 5" BY Kim Spurlock
 New York University

Lubomir Kocka

“The Lunch Box”
Bronze Medal
"The Lunch Box" BY Lubomir Kocka
Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia