Gold Medal
"Patron Saint" by Georden West
Emerson College


Kalee McCollaum
Gold Medal
"Grendel" by Kalee McCollaum
Brigham Young University
Aviv Mano
Silver Medal
"Game Changer" by Aviv Mano
Ringling College of Art and Design
Emre Okten
Bronze Medal
"Two" by Emre Okten
University of Southern California


Princess Garrett
Gold Medal
"Sankofa" by Princess Garrett
Villanova University
Silver Medal
"Something To Say" by Abby Lieberman and Joshua Lucas
Columbia University
Eva Rendle
Bronze Medal
"All That Remains" by Eva Rendle
University of California, Berkeley


Asher Jelinsky
Gold Medal
"Miller & Son" by Asher Jelinsky
American Film Institute
Hao Zheng
Silver Medal
"The Chef" by Hao Zheng
American Film Institute
Omer Ben-Shachar,
Bronze Medal
"Tree #3" by Omer Ben-Shachar
American Film Institute

Narrative (International Film Schools)

Zoel Aeschbacher
Gold Medal
"Bonobo" by Zoel Aeschbacher
Rikke Gregersen
Silver Medal
"Dog Eat Dog" by Rikke Gregersen
Westerdals Kristiania University College
Bronze Medal
"November 1st" by Charlie Manton
National Film and Television School

Animation (International Film Schools)

Daria Kashcheeva
Gold Medal
"Daughter" by Daria Kashcheeva
Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU)

Documentary (International Film Schools)

Yifan Su
Gold Medal
"Family2" by Yifan Sun
The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz