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The Academy Digital Preservation Forum (ADPF) is a global online gathering place dedicated to exploring the latest issues surrounding digital preservation of motion pictures.  An initiative of the Academy’s Science and Technology Council, the forum hosts original content and resources, and will serve as an ongoing discussion place for stakeholders and practitioners within the field and those interested in learning more.  Visit the forum at

The ADPF’s mission is to confront challenges facing the digital preservation field, encourage information exchange, and catalyze work towards sustainable solutions.  By inspiring active participation from online community members, including Academy members, filmmakers, studio executives, archivists, operations professionals, technologists, and other practitioners, the forum aims to reinforce the importance of digital preservation to modern filmmaking and help shape the future of this work.  Resources include workflows, practices, technical standards, educational materials, and critical research on digital preservation.

The forum brings industry experts together to examine the state of digital motion picture preservation, following the publications of The Digital Dilemma in 2007 and The Digital Dilemma 2 in 2012, the Council’s two groundbreaking reports on the long-term preservation of digital motion picture materials. The Council followed this work with various initiatives through a multi-year partnership with U.S. Library of Congress. These initiatives include a digital archiving case study project, educational activities, and research partnerships with leading universities and research communities. Details on this work may be found here: Digital Motion Picture Archive Framework Project.