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Oscar Statuettes


Regular awards are presented for outstanding individual or collective film achievements in a wide variety of categories. Most categories are nominated by the members of the corresponding branch – actors nominate actors, film editors nominate film editors, etc. However, certain categories such as International Feature Film and Animated Feature Film have special voting rules which can be viewed at our Rules & Eligibility page.

All voting members are eligible to select the Best Picture nominees.

Nominations voting is conducted using online ballots. All votes are tabulated by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and results are then announced live. Please refer to the Key Dates for further information.


Final Balloting Process

Finals voting is also conducted online. During finals, all Oscar categories are on the ballot for voting members.

After final ballots are tabulated, only two partners of PricewaterhouseCoopers know the results until the famous envelopes are opened onstage during the Oscars telecast.

Please refer to the Key Dates for further information.