Edith Head


A winner of eight Academy Awards for Costume Design, Edith Head helped define the style of classic Hollywood with her striking work at Paramount and Universal. Some of the movie stars she dressed included Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, Lana Turner, Paul Newman, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich and many more. She also became a recognizable personality in her own right thanks to her distinctive personal style including her signature glasses and forthright personality, which inspired the character of Edna Mode in The Incredibles. Surprisingly, she only liked to wear four colors herself: black, white, beige and brown.

Featuring highlights from the Margaret Herrick Library and the Academy Film Archive.


Edith Head's First Oscar
Samson and Delilah
The Costume Designer
In the Workroom
A Place in the Sun
The Ten Commandments
Cecil B. DeMille
To Catch a Thief
Edith Head Pays a Visit
A Note from Grace Kelly
Witness for the Prosecution
Edith Head's Oscar Instructions
Love Has Many Faces
Lana's Million Dollar Wardrobe
Person to Person
Edith Head and the Oscars
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid