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What makes a film eligible to screen for Academy Members?
It must have a United States theatrical release between the dates of January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019. For more information about film edibility please click, here.

How can I screen a film for Academy Members?
For the film to be considered for screening, please submit the following information to

  • Film Title
  • Release Date
  • Synopsis
  • Produced by
  • Screenplay by
  • Directed by
  • Cast
  • Courtesy of
  • Rating
  • Running time
  • Trailer link

When can I screen a film for Academy Members?
For films to be best attended by Academy members, we recommend screening on or before opening weekend.

When is the information due and when do I find out if the film was selected to screen at the Academy?


MarchJan 16Feb 4
AprilFeb 6Feb 15
MayMarch 13March 22
JuneApril 17April 26
JulyMay 22May 31
AugustJune 19June 28
SeptemberJuly 17July 26
OctoberAug 14Aug 23
NovemberSept 18Sept 27
DecemberOct 16Oct 25

When do films need to submit a request for screening? 
Approximately six weeks out from the month in which it will open. For example; a July release should be submitted no later than May 15.  Earlier is always better, and we will take information whenever you have it.

Can a film request a specific date, based on talent availability for a post-screening panel?
Yes. However, please note that there is no guarantee of receiving a specific date.

When is the due date to submit a post-screening panel?
It is helpful to indicate when you submit a film for consideration, but it is not required. The last date to notify of a panel is the Monday before the screening (assuming the film has been selected to screen).

PLEASE NOTE: DVD Screeners or links MUST be made available if needed.

How many people can be on the panel?
A maximum of six people.

Who qualifies to be on the panel?
Panelists must be award-eligible. For example; only Producers who are eligible to receive an Academy Award can be on the panel, not Co-Producers, Associate Producers or Executive Producers.

Is the on-stage panel recorded and/or photographed?

How many guests can panelists have?
Panelists are allowed four guests each.

Can all talent guests park in the Academy garage?
Talent guests will be asked to park off-site, unless there are special circumstances (health, disability, etc.)

Can all publicists and/or representatives park in the Academy garage?
Only ONE key on-site rep may park in the Members garage. We will do our best to accommodate additional requests, but please keep in mind that every space requested takes a space from a member.

Is it possible to find out how many RSVPs there are for the screening?
The Academy does not take RSVPs, nor can it predict attendance. Members simply show up and present their Academy membership card for admittance. 

Is talent required to do the pre-panel interviews?

When do you need to know if talent is participating in pre-panel interviews?
We appreciate knowing a few days prior, but you can advise us the day of.

Can you provide the questions ahead of time?

What are the interviews used for?
The footage is for Academy purposes only. They will be featured on the Academy’s social media platforms (more than 12 million fans/followers), the Academy YouTube channel and website,

What are examples of pre-panel interviews?
Here a few examples:

How long do the interviews take?
Allow about 5-10 minutes per interview. Talent arrivals can be staggered to accommodate all panelists with minimal waiting.