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Backstage Interview Transcript: Documentary (Short Subject)

CATEGORY: Documentary (Short Subject)
SPEECH BY: Ellen Goosenberg Kent and Dana Perry


Q.    I just wanted to check with the recent documentary cinemas nationwide and with your ‑‑ with your win now.  What does this mean to you in terms of exposure and your very important subject that you're dealing with in your documentary and making [inaudible] with the matters of success of AMERICAN SNIPER as well? 

A.    (Ellen Goosenberg Kent) Well, we can thank you, ShortsHD, for giving us some of this incredible exposure.  You know, when this film was made a couple of years ago, and this topic is as important today if not more than it was then.  So we are really hoping that people will be able to see this all over the world.  We're sure that HBO will make an effort to put it out there in every way possible on DVD, and, you know, we just we'll take it around.  We'll take it anywhere that people want to hear about how to help veterans. 


Q.    Your speech was so touching and personal.  Can you talk a little bit about why ‑‑ what ‑‑ what was going through your head when you made it and the effect it's had on the audience?

A.    (Ellen Goosenberg Kent) Both of us?  Dana, you start.

A.    (Dana Perry) I have no idea what the effect on the audience was.  I don't know really what I said even though I wrote something down.  My main objective was to honor the responders and the staff of the Veterans Crisis Line and also the ‑‑ the souls out there who are reaching out for help and ‑‑ and that help was available.  Of course, I do have a personal connection to the subject.  I lost my son.  He was 15 when he killed himself; and since that happened, what I said, I think I said something like, "We need to talk about suicide out loud to try to work against the stigma and silence around suicide," because the best prevention for suicide is awareness, and discussion, and not trying to sweep it under the rug.  We've got a crisis with our veterans who are killing themselves.  More veterans have killed themselves than have died in these wars of the last, you know, decade or so.  So, again, I have no idea what we said, but I hope that the message was received.  Thank you. 


Q.    There ‑‑ there is a lot of talk on the Internet right now about Neil Patrick Harris's comments about your dress.  I'm wondering if you heard the comment ‑‑

A.    (Dana Perry) No.

Q.    ‑‑ and what you thought. 

A.    (Dana Perry) No.  What comment? 

A.    (Ellen Goosenberg Kent) About your dress? 


Q.    He said you have to have a lot of balls to wear that. 

A.    (Ellen Goosenberg Kent) That's adorable.

A.    (Dana Perry) Well, that is adorable; and I invite anyone to feel my furry balls. 

A.    (Ellen Goosenberg Kent) I have nothing to say to add to that. 


Q.    I was also going to ask about your dress and just where you got it and how you chose to wear it. 

A.    (Dana Perry) I went shopping in my mother‑in‑law's attic.  She had great style.  She's not with us anymore, but she had great style in the '60s and '70s, and this is one of her excellent signature pieces.  And I just love to wear it, because I can make ridiculous dirty jokes about it, and it also keeps me warm.  You know, I just got the gown to sort of support the balls, you know what I mean?  So I can make the jokes if I want. 

A.    (Ellen Goosenberg Kent) This is a very serious film here.


Q.    Thank you so much.





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