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93rd Oscars Backstage Interview Transcript: INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILM

SPEECH BY: Thomas Vinterberg


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Q. Hi, Thomas Ritter from Swedish TV4, we have a picture of you Danes as always being a bit drunk.  Tell us what was the story behind this movie. 
A. The story behind this movie is long.  It starts all the way back in 2013.  And to begin with, it was a celebration of alcohol.  And it developed into becoming more than that.  Hopefully, as even the Swedish people will know, spirit means more than alcohol.  And hopefully, this movie has become a film about living as opposed to just existing.

Q. This is Jorge from Venezuela.  I'm so happy about this winning because this is one of my actual favorites from the whole movies competing this year.  Was it difficult ‑‑ of course, for you and your family during the shooting of the film, but did you suggest that the actors and the cast and the crew became, like, a part of your family during the shooting of the film? 
A. The cast and the crew of this movie are my friends.  Most of them I've been working with before.  Some of them I've been working with for, like, 25 years.  And we became very close in this movie, closer than normal because of private circumstances.  And, you know, I guess the closer you get, the more comfortable you feel, the more you can leave your comfortable zone, your zone of comfort.  And I guess that's what ‑‑ what we did together in this movie.

Q. Hello.  Good evening.  Can you hear me? 
A. I can hear you, yes.

Q. Yes.  Congratulations.  I'm sure everybody ‑‑
A. Thank you.

Q. Okay.  Congratulations.  I'm sure everybody wants to celebrate with you winning this Oscar.  So we, as Dutch people, also take a piece of the cake because it's also a coproduction with Holland.  So can you tell me what the importance is of Topkapi being the coproducer of the movie?
A. Topkapi was providing a great deal of support for this movie and so did all the Dutch people working on this film.  You know, there's been ‑‑ you've got a country full of great film workers and sometimes we get to steal of some them.  And this was the case in this film:  Jan, Mari, all of you, thank you so much for the support on this movie.  And thank you to Topkapi, of course.

Q. Thank you.  That was our last question.  Congratulations to our winners.


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