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Winning Scripts

Alisha Brophy & Scott Miles: United States of Fuckin' Awesome

Alisha and Scott won their Fellowship in 2014. This is their Academy Nicholl entry script.

Gabrielle Burton: "The Imperial Waltz"

Gabrielle won the Fellowship in 2000. This is Gabrielle’s Academy Nicholl entry script.

Will Chandler: Cyrano of Linden View

Will received the Fellowship in 1996. This is Will’s Academy Nicholl entry script.

Elizabeth Chomko: What They Had

Written and directed by Elizabeth Chomko (in her feature directorial debut) and starring Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon, Robert Forster, and Blythe Danner, What They Had premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and opened theatrically in October 2018.

John Ciarlo: “Bend in the River”

John won his Fellowship in 2002 with this script titled "Bend in the River." This is John's Academy Nicholl entry script. 

Destin Cretton: "Short Term 12"

Directed by Destin and starring Brie Larson and John Gallagher Jr., "Short Term 12" opened theatrically on August 23, 2013. This is Destin's Academy Nicholl entry script.

Greg Dawless: “One Hour Development”

Greg received his Fellowship in 2001 after entering this script titled "One Hour Development." This is Greg's Academy Nicholl entry script. 

Jodi Johnson: "Mama & Me"

Jodi was awarded her Fellowship in 1993 for her script titled "Mama & Me." This is Jodi's Academy Nicholl entry script.

Arthur M. Jolly: The Free Republic of Bobistan

Arthur won the Fellowship in 2006. This is Arthur's Academy Nicholl entry script.

Ehren Kruger: “Arlington Road”

Starring Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack and Hope Davis, ”Arlington Road” opened theatrically on July 7, 1999. This is Ehren’s Academy Nicholl entry script. 

Daniel Lawrence: "The Gaza Golem"

Daniel won his Fellowship in 2004 with "The Gaza Golem." This is Daniel's Academy Nicholl entry script.

Jason Micallef: "Butter"

Directed by Jim Field Smith and starring Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, Alicia Silverstone and Hugh Jackman, Butter opened theatrically in October 2012. This is Jason's Academy Nicholl entry script. 

Dawn O'Leary: "Island of Brilliance"

Directed by Melissa Painter and starring Lauren Ambrose, Amy Madigan, Christopher Lloyd and John Savage, "Admissions" (its release title) premiered at the 2004 Mill Valley Film Festival. This is Dawn’s Academy Nicholl entry script. 

Bragi Schut, Jr.: Season of the Witch

Directed by Dominic Sena and starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, Season of the Witch opened theatrically in January 2011. This is Bragi's Academy Nicholl entry script.