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Telluride Film Festival Flashback: Werner Herzog

Telluride Film Festival

In conjunction with this year’s much-discussed Telluride Film Festival, we take a look back at the sixth annual festival, which was held in 1979.

In this excerpt, noted filmmaker Werner Herzog, already a Telluride favorite, lingers with a small crowd after a mountaintop panel discussion. Herzog shares his thoughts about the fearlessness of war reporters who step into harm’s way because they feel sheltered behind their cameras. To help demonstrate his point, Herzog, who often filmed under challenging circumstances, trades places with the cameraman.

Can anyone help identify the gentleman Herzog singles out as a “sympathetic” cameraman, or the “sympathetic” soundman to his left? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

This gem comes from the Academy’s own Telluride Film Festival Collection, which holds over 350 items, documenting the festival’s rich history of panels, presentations and screenings. For more information about the Academy’s Telluride Collection, visit the Archive or the Library.