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SAA Semifinalists


Jung Jae Yeon, “Angel Shining,” Korean Academy of Film Arts (Republic of Korea)
Alice Brygo, “Ardent Other,” Le Fresnoy (France)
Anhkim Dang, “Confessions of a Cool Girl,” Massachusetts College of Art and Design (United States)
Milena Mooradian, “Cycles,” Loyola Marymount University (United States)
Jingru Xia & Yuqian Zhang, “Difference,” China Academy of Art (China)
Mao Yo-Wen, “The Exception of History,” National Taiwan University of Arts (Taiwan)
Felix Klee, “Homesick Lungs,” Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (Germany)
Andrew Opitz, “Jazz,” George Mason University (United States)
Mona Keil, “Juice,” Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany)
Daphné Desjardins Charlebois, “Plume,” Collège André-Grasset (Canada)
Junha Kim, “The Posthuman Hospital,” California Institute of the Arts (United States)
Leo Behrens, “Skin,” American Film Institute (United States)
Cristian Vega, “What Is a Boy?,” California State University, Monterey Bay (United States)
Agrippina Meshcheryakova, “Worry-Fear-Unease. The Triptych,” The Northern Film School (United Kingdom)

Niloo Abdolahzadeh, “Biked,” Tehran University of Art (Iran)
Gabriel Augerai, Romain Augier & Yannick Jacquin, “Boom,” École des Nouvelles Images (France)
Helena Pillost, Jean Mathieu Walker & Lea Bridiers, “Celestial,” École Supérieure de Métiers Artistiques (France)
Alfathiyya Nayla Adisha, “Chasing Nutcracker,” The One Academy (Malaysia)
Cesar Luton, Achille Pasquier & Clémence Bailly, “Diplomatie de L’Éclipse,” MoPA 3D Animation School (France)
Dani Sadun, “Frida in the Sky,” Toronto Metropolitan University (Canada)
Tom Koryto Blumen, “Friendly Fire,” Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem (Israel)
Justine King, “The Little Poet,” California Institute of the Arts (United States)
Lisa Kenney, “Mum’s Spaghetti,” National Film and Television School (United Kingdom)
Maxime Wattrelos, Jérémy Trochet & Marie Heribel, “Samara Op.4,” Pôle 3D Digital & Creative School (France)
Meibol Alejandra Moran & Irmak Karasinir, “Shh,” Ringling College of Art & Design (United States)
Rachel Mow, “The Sun Is Bad,” Savannah College of Art & Design (United States)
Clément Del Negro, Camille Souchard & Matthias Bourgeuil, “Tear Off,” Rubika (France)
Jimin Kim & Wendy Ye, “Tittie Tussle,” Ringling College of Art & Design (United States)
Ollie Yao & Heather Yun, “Twin Sparks,” School of Visual Arts (United States)

Sara Sims & Samuel Barnett, “#2276,” California State University, Northridge (United States)
Jacob Burley, “Bear Hunt,” University of the West of England Bristol (United Kingdom)
Nathanael Vankan, “The Buyback,” Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
Lyuwei Chen, “Duet,” New York University (United States)
MJ Johnson, “God Bless the Family,” University of California, Berkeley (United States)
Mayar Alanis & Alfonso Sjogreen, “I Feel Perfect,” American University of Paris (France)
Aidan Merck, “Justice for Batman: The Mark Racop Case,” Taylor University (United States)
Michael Thomas Sandknop, “Momma Bear Down: An Exposé about Women Veteran Suicides,” Webster University (United States)
Victoria Martynova, “On the Other Side,” University of the Arts London (United Kingdom)
Pieter Genee, “Our New Home,” National Film and Television School (United Kingdom)
Natálie Durchánková, “Rising Above,” Filmová a Televizní Fakulta Akademie Múzických Umění v Praze (Czech Republic)
Bazla Samin, “A Song of Resistance,” University College London (United Kingdom)
Raval Alviarez, “Le Sélect,” Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning (Canada)
Meruyert Shalbayeva, “Surfactant,” University of California, Berkeley (United States)
Jean Chapiro, “Till We Find Them,” Columbia University (United States)
Brianna Schatt, “When Beverly Met Reita,” Chapman University (United States)
Giorgio Ghiotto, “Wings of Dust,” New York University (United States)

Andy Yi Li, “After Sunset, Dawn Arrives,” University of Southern California (United States)
Dusan Brown, “All In,” Chapman University (United States)
Riley Thomas Stewart, “Binary,” Chapman University (United States)
Ranjan Kumar, “Champaran Mutton,” Film and Television Institute of India (India)
Minkyu Kang, “Children of Light,” Columbia University (United States)
Rodrigo Rebello de Andrade, “Covered One,” Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Portugal)
Jennifer Greco, “Esmeralda,” New York University (United States)
Mark Gerstorfer, “Invisible Border,” Filmakademie Wien (Austria)
Amir Zaza, “It Will Rain,” Nederlandse Filmacademie (Netherlands)
Efrat Lipshitz, “It’s a Matter of Hours or Days,” Minshar School of Art (Israel)
María Claudia Blanco, “On the Edge,” La Fémis (France)
Matteo Sanders, “On the Edge,” Filmakademie Wien (Austria)
Iain Aigin Stronach Forbes, “Revisited,” Den Norske Filmskolen (Norway)
Tawfik Sabouni, “Stateless,” Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et Techniques de Diffusion (Belgium)
Frederic Kau, “Those Who Follow,” Hamburg Media School (Germany)
Tamara Denić, “Truth,” Hamburg Media School (Germany)
Micaela Geslin, “Under the Stitches,” Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)