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Meet the 2018 Student Academy Awards Finalists

Student Academy Awards Quarterfinalists 2018

Read the full list of the 2018 Student Academy Awards finalists below and learn more about our program at

Alternative (Domestic Film Schools)

Sang Hyoun Han aka DOMCAKE, "Emunah," School of Visual Arts
Shae Demandt, "Reanimated," Florida State University
Natalia Hermida, "Transient Passengers (Experiment Number NÜN)," Chapman University

Animation (Domestic Film Schools)

Victoria Lopez and Ji young Na, "Attack of the Potato Clock," Ringling College of Art and Design
Yu Yu, "Daisy," University of Southern California
Alex Avagimian, "Little Bandits," California Institute of the Arts
Hanna Kim, "Raccoon and the Light," California Institute of the Arts
Sagar Arun and Rachel Kral, "Rebooted," Ringling College of Art and Design
Hannah Park, "Reflection," Ringling College of Art and Design
Eaza Shukla, "Re-Gifted," Ringling College of Art and Design

Animation (International Film Schools)

Kiana Naghshineh, "a blink of an eye," Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Jacques Leyreloup, Victor Tolila, Perrine Renard, Laura Viver Canal and Gaël Chauvet, "L'Aviatrice," ESMA 
Alexandre Blain, Lucas Germain, Christophe Gigot, Jade Guilbault, Andreas Muller and Simon Puculek, "Meli-Metro," ESMA
Pierre Perveyrie, Maximilien Bougeois, Marine Goalard, Irina Nguyen-Duc and Quentin Dubois, "The Green Bird," MoPA

Documentary (Domestic Film Schools)

Veronica Wangshen, "1,500 Miles 23 Days," New York University
Mathieu Faure, "An Edited Life," New York University
Lauren Schwartzman, "Dust Rising," University of California -  Berkeley
Jiayan "Jenny" Shi, "Finding Yingying," Northwestern University
Grace Oyenubi and Nani Sahra Walker, "Forced," University of California - Berkeley
Yiying Nikki Li, "Love & Loss," University of Southern California
Alan Toth, "Mining Phosphorus," University of California - Berkeley

Documentary (International Film Schools)

Annelie Boros, "F32.2," University of Television and Film Munich
Mart Bira, "Nomadic Doctor," University of Hertfordshire
Esther Niemeier, "Tracing Addai," Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf 

Narrative (Domestic Film Schools)

Erblin Nushi, "BINI," George Mason University
Wenting Deng and Luke Fisher, "Empty Skies," Ohio University
Brian Robau, "Esta Es Tu Cuba" | "This is Your Cuba," Chapman Univsersity
Huay-Bing Law, "June," University of Texas at Austin
Kelley Kali, "Lalo's House," University of Southern California
Mahaliyah Ayla O, "Masks," University of Southern California
Kristopher D Wilson, "Mid City Blue," University of California - Los Angeles
Gisele Tong, "Spring Flower," University of Southern California

Narrative (International Film Schools)

István Kovács, "A Siege," University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest 
Lisa Gertsch, "Almost Everything," Zurich University of the Arts
Franco Volpi, "August Sun," London Film School
Johnny Kenton, "Dead Birds," National Film and Television School
Jonatan Etzler, "Get Ready With Me," Stockholm Academy of the Arts
Hans Vannetelbosch, "Sons of No One," LUCA School of Arts
Eileen Byrne, "Touch Me," Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München