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Family Film School: The Marshall Family

Family Film School

In this week's Academy Originals we visit three filmmaking members of the Marshall family: Penny, Garry and his son Scott. The trio explained elements of their directing skills, helping actors with their lines, and the benefits of hiring family members on films.

"I got a part once from being a back up. You had to shoot a scene and I was just there on the set," Scott reminded his dad, saying how excited he was that he was finally going to be an actor. "And the only reason you wanted me was so I could hold the umbrella over Bette Midler's head so her hair wouldn't get wet." 

"I didn't try anybody else," Gary said. "I said, 'let my son do it. I can yell at him.' I think sometimes if you're working with your family you know who to yell at and you know they won't get upset."

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