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In Case you Missed it: Shawshank, Bond and Jared's Dress

Bill Bernstein, Neil Giuntoli, Mel Brooks, Tim Robbins, Terence Marsh, Morgan Freeman, Mark Rolston, Sue Bea Montgomery, Sebastian Milito, Koyaki Ampah, Gil Bellows, Frank Darabont, Deborah Aquila, Liz Glotzer, Larry Brandenburg, Martin Shafer, Brian Libb

<p>Every day we post a lot on our social channels. Here are a few things you might have missed.</p><p>THE SHAWSHANK CAST AND CREW REUNITED AT THE ACADEMY</p><p>Actors Morgan Freeman and Tim Robins joined writer-director Frank Darabont on stage and answered questions to celebrate <em>The Shawshank Redemption</em>'s 20th anniversary. In the audience was the largest contingent of a film's cast and crew we've ever hosted (pictured, above). Click here and scroll to the bottom for <a href="/events/shawshank-redemption" data-entity-type="node" data-entity-substitution="canonical" data-entity-uuid="db006c80-b4e6-463e-a47d-f1eb2613e59a">a recap, photos and videos</a> from the special night.</p><p>Bonus: Stephen King (author of the source novella adapted by Darabont) <a href="/news/stephen-king-looks-back-shawshank-redemption" data-entity-type="node" data-entity-substitution="canonical" data-entity-uuid="f72a8cdc-7395-4972-b5ff-addca12da942">looked back at the making of</a> this contemporary American classic. </p><p>WHICH ACTION STAR WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE?</p><p><drupal-entity data-embed-button="media" data-entity-type="media" data-entity-id="41341" data-entity-embed-display="view_mode:media.full" alt="goldfinger"></drupal-entity></p><p>We asked our Facebook fans. They chose Bond, James Bond. </p><p>Coming in a close second was The Joker from <em>The Dark Knight</em>. </p><p><a href="">Click here </a>to see who else they picked.</p><p>WHERE DID THE COSTUME DESIGNERS FROM DALLAS BUYERS CLUB BUY THE COSTUMES?</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//; width="560"></iframe></p><p>Designers Kurt and Bart took us through their process of creating costumes for Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey and the rest of the cast.</p><p>Hint: It wasn't Fifth Avenue.</p><p>Every week we put out a new original video celebrating those who are doing fascinating things for film. Don't miss out, <a href="">subscribe to our Academy Originals</a>. </p><p>RIP MIKE NICHOLS</p><p><a href=""><drup… data-embed-button="media" data-entity-type="media" data-entity-id="41316" data-entity-embed-display="view_mode:media.full"></drupal-entity></a></p><p>Have something awesome about film you found or shared on the internet this week?  We want to see it might even include in next week's roundup. Tweet us <a href="">@TheAcademy</a&gt;. </p><p> </p>