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Behind the Scenes of the Oscars Creators Program

Oscar Creators Video

In this week's Academy Originals we go behind the scenes with a group of young social media artists who went behind the scenes of last week's Oscars. Last month we invited a small group of photographers and video stars (Kyle HuberZach KingPaul OctaviousSarah PalmerLauren RandolphAnthony Samaniego, and Blake Wilson) the opportunity to do their thing in and around the 87th Academy Awards. 

Be it backstage, on stage, on the red carpet or high above the Pacific, we granted these creative minds unprecedented access so they could show off their skills and create something a little different than what is normally seen.

"There's a lot of inspiration here, so it's a good place to let your creativity thrive and get a lot of ideas," Vine star King said.   

Behind The Scenes With The Oscars Creators
Meet the social media artists covering the 2015 Oscars

Giving creative types unique access is nothing new to the Academy, last year we invited comedian, actor and movie fanatic Patton Oswalt to roam the Academy Film Archive, choose any movie he desired, and enjoy a free screening with whoever he pleased. Click here to see what rare film he chose.And be sure to subscribe to our Academy Originals channel for your weekly dose of inspiration.