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Academy Unveils Summer Digital Slate

Academy Summer Digital Slate

Everything we do on social media is designed to entertain, educate, inspire and fuel the world’s love of movies. Most importantly, our posts are designed to provide value to our followers and connect them with our amazing members who make the films they love.

Today we're launching a brand new editorial slate:


The name says it all - if you love movies, just type this URL into your web browser and you’ll find something we think you’ll enjoy. 

An always-on streaming video site designed to be the ultimate lean–back viewing experience. We’ve created this to showcase some of the amazing videos we have in our collection – everything from classic Oscar moments, to Alfred Hitchcock’s home movies, to Academy Originals episodes, to Student Academy Award-winning films, to interviews with the people behind some of the greatest films ever made. 

Filled with surprises, you never know what you’ll get when you visit the site or what’s coming up next. Just check it out at any time day or night, kick back and enjoy some interesting movie-related content.


We’re excited to announce a series of new Academy Q&As which will take place across various social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit where we’ll give our fans the opportunity to ask questions to some of our members. 

Every two weeks we’ll have a different member available to answer your questions about films they’ve worked on, and to share their expertise about how they do what they do and how you can someday follow in their footsteps.

We kicked things off with last week’s Reddit AMA with casting director Lora Kennedy, and have upcoming Academy Q&As planned with casting director David Rubin on May 18th and with film editor Lynzee Klingman on June 4th.   


We’re launching an official Academy presence on two new social channels today – Medium and Snapchat (find us by searching The Academy).

What you’ll find on Medium is a series of unique editorial pieces from Academy members, staff and other notable movie lovers who have passionate and insightful perspectives to share with the world.

Today we’ve released three pieces that will give you a sense of the scope of what we’ll cover on Medium. You can read Harry Belafonte’s thoughtful comments about the power of motion pictures, a story about a chance encounter that Oscar-winning sound mixer Chris Munro had the night before he won an Oscar, and some inspirational words about the power of movies from the Academy’s Managing Director of Preservation and Foundation Programs, Randy Haberkamp. 

This is just a small taste of what’s to come on Medium from the Academy, and you can look forward to fresh content at least once a week moving forward.

For those of you that are Snapchat users (or have been thinking of becoming one), you’ll want to follow our new Snapchat account at The Academy. What you’ll find there is some amazing behind-the-scenes content from The Academy and our events that you won’t see on any other platform. And of course, in Snapchat fashion, it will all disappear 24 hours after we post it, so make sure you’re paying close attention so you don’t miss out on some of the cool stuff we’re planning to share.


We've also released a new Collection Highlights feature today for The Godfather. Featuring dozens of items from our collection of rare photos and videos, it’s a must-see page for fans of the classic film.

Of course, if you haven’t checked out our other Collection Highlights features, be sure to see recent additions including those covering Denzel WashingtonGhostbusters and Alfred Hitchcock


If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you might have noticed a fun little game we’ve been playing with fans over the past few weeks based on a series of “AsAMovieScreenshot” hashtags. Basically, we prompt fans with a social callout to share a movie screenshot that best represents something in their life – their Mom, their job, etc. - and then share some of our favorite results.

We’ve now created a new section on our website specifically to showcase our favorite submissions and to give fans a place to see what other fans have been posting and catch up on some of the ones they may have missed.