Q: What is required to become a sponsor company?

A: In order to become a sponsor company we ask that you 1) host up to three (3) interns for the 8-week period; 2) pay the intern an hourly wage, including compensation for the required Wednesday evening event; 3) make a financial commitment to the Academy Motion Picture Arts and Science; 4) allow sponsored interns to participate in the weekly required Wednesday evening program and the 2-day orientation program; 5) work with the Academy in an Advisory capacity and in partnership to develop key best practices for the program and for the industry at large; 6) make a concerted effort to submit candidates who are from under-represented and diverse backgrounds.

Q: Are there particular career disciplines that the sponsor company should consider?

A: Intern candidates should express a keen interest and career aptitude for the media, entertainment and film industry in below and above the line positions including but not limited to: Casting Directors, Cinematographers, Costume Designers, Designers, Directors, Documentary, Executives, Film Editors, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists, Music, Producers, Public Relations/Marketing, Film Finance, Short Films and Feature Animation, Sound, Visual Effects/VR, Writers, Engineering, Post-Production, Production, IT and other related areas.

Q: How will interns be selected into the Gold program?

A: Each sponsor company will have the ability to select from 1-3 interns for the summer program and will receive a link to refer those qualified students to apply directly on the Academy Gold site.  Sponsor companies will be responsible to recruit and select for consideration potential intern candidates based on each company’s individual intern placements.

Q: What services will the Academy provide in the Gold participant selection process?

A: The Academy will assist sponsoring companies upon request with the pre-screening and assessment process.  We will offer assistance in narrowing the selection process for candidates submitted for consideration based on the number of internships requested by each company. Sponsor companies will ultimately be responsible for making final decisions.

Q: How many students will be selected into the Gold program?

A: Up to three (3) students from each participating company will be admitted to the Academy Gold program. We anticipate having more than fifty (50) Gold interns in our pilot year.

Q: Who are the participating sponsor companies for the Gold Program?

A: Here is the current list of participating companies for the pilot here

Q: How does a sponsor company become part of the Advisory committee?

A: In our pilot year, we have selected key human resources and diversity and inclusion members to participate as part of our ongoing advisory committee. Advisory committee FAQs

Q: Will the Academy assist with recruiting interns?

A: As a general rule, the Academy is not responsible for the selection and placement of interns from sponsor companies into the program. Where needed and upon request, the Academy will consider assisting a sponsor company with internal resources, including recruitment and sourcing of qualified intern candidates. In general, however, it will be the responsibility of the sponsor company in the final selection, placement and payment of the selected interns for their respective company.

Q: Will the sponsor company provide metrics as part of the program?

A: As part of each sponsor company’s participation in the Gold program, the Academy will select an independent partner to assist with analytic and metric data to assist the partner companies with benchmark and industry related metrics.