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Will Vinton Collection

Will Vinton

Animator, director, and producer Will Vinton’s “Claymation” techniques have made an indelible impact on the field of stop motion animation since the term was trademarked by Vinton in 1976. Utilized by Vinton’s studio in short films, features, advertising, and television throughout the decades that followed, its style is unmistakable. Vinton began depositing material at the Archive in August of 2006, with additional deposits arriving in 2011 through 2013. Consisting of over 200 items representing over 15 titles, the Will Vinton Collection contains original pre-print, sound, print, and video elements that have aided the Archive’s efforts to preserve 10 of Vinton’s animated short films, including the Academy Award-winning “Closed Mondays” (1974); “The Creation” (1981) and “The Great Cognito” (1982), both of which were nominated for Academy Awards; and the documentary projects “Gone for a Better Deal” (1974) and “Claymation: Three Dimensional Clay Animation” (1978).