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Terry Sanders Collection

Terry Sanders

Terry Sanders has been producing, writing, directing, and photographing documentary shorts and features since the early 1950s. Sanders won his first Academy Award for the live action short film “A Time Out of War” (1954). He also won an Oscar for the documentary feature “Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision” (1994), and was nominated another three times, forFour Stones for Kanemitsu” (1973), “Rose Kennedy: A Life to Remember” (1990), and “Never Give Up: The 20th Century Odyssey of Herbert Zipper” (1995). In addition to his documentary work, Sanders produced the fiction features “War Hunt” (1962) and “Crime and Punishment, U.S.A.” (1959). Sanders’s ever-growing collection came to the Academy in 2005 and currently contains over 350 items, including master videotapes, film prints, negatives, and many camera originals