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Showscan Collection


Showscan is a film presentation system developed by special effects technician Douglas Trumbull, which consists of photographing and projecting 70mm film at 60 frames per second, producing a heightened sense of reality when compared to standard 35mm projection at 24 frames per second. Showscan Entertainment deposited all of their Showscan film elements (totaling over 200 items) with the Archive in 2012, just a few months after Mr. Trumbull received the Academy’s Gordon E. Sawyer Award for his technical contributions to the film industry. The collection consists of negatives and soundtrack elements for numerous short films created for World's Fair expositions, special venue attractions, and motion-based simulator rides. Titles in the collection include the very first Showscan film “Night of the Dreams” (1978) directed by Trumbull, “New Magic” (1983) starring Christopher Lee, and “Call From Space” (1989) starring James Coburn and featuring the voice of Charlton Heston.

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