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Satyajit Ray Collection

“Two” (1965, Preserved by the Academy Film Archive)

The Satyajit Ray Collection at the Academy Film Archive represents the preservation masters and projection prints for eighteen features and one short film directed by the Bengali master Satyajit Ray. The Academy began the Ray Preservation Project after Ray was awarded an Honorary Academy Award in 1992. In addition, the Academy has 35mm subtitled prints of many of Ray’s films that have not yet been preserved, through the deposit of Packard Humanities Institute Collection (formerly with the Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection at UC Santa Cruz).

The Academy Film Archive does not provide distribution to films without permission from the rights holder. The Archive does not own the rights to any films in Satyajit Ray’s filmography. Interested parties who wish to secure copies of any Satyajit Ray titles will need to contact their local or national distributor directly. “Two” (1965, Preserved by the Academy Film Archive) is available for viewing in the video above or via YouTube.

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