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Sara Driver Collection

AFA Collection - Sara Driver Collection

Sara Driver’s films have been well-received, yet rarely seen. The Academy is proud to house much of the original material to the recently re-discovered “You Are Not I” (1981), “Sleepwalk” (1986), and “When Pigs Fly” (1993). Sara Driver’s first film, “You Are Not I,” based on a short story by Paul Bowles, was essentially lost until a librarian from the University of Delaware found a 16mm print amongst papers at the late Paul Bowles’ home in Tangiers, Morocco. The film was originally sent to him by Sara Driver in 1982, and it is the only viewable copy to still exist. The Archive houses newly struck duplicate materials for this film as well as prints and original elements to “Sleepwalk” and “When Pigs Fly.”

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