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Samuel Goldwyn Collection

AFA Collection - Samuel Goldwyn Collection

The Goldwyn Company was founded in 1979 by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. It combined his motion picture production corporation with a library of classic American films owned by the original Samuel Goldwyn Productions Company founded by Goldwyn Jr.'s father. In 2012, the Goldwyn Company decided to unify the holdings of some 55 titles from various labs and storage facilities by relocating them to the Academy Film Archive. The over 350 materials received by the Archive from the Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Family Trust are a combination of 16mm and 35mm, and consists predominantly of duplicate negatives (both complete and incomplete) of feature films and trailers. Titles in the collection were produced between 1929 and 1955 by Samuel Goldwyn (Sr.) and include “The Best Years of our Lives” (1946), “Up in Arms” (1944), and “Wuthering Heights” (1939).

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