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Sam Peckinpah Collection

Jason Robards and Sam Peckinpah during production of “The Ballad of Cable Hogue” (1970)

Sam Peckinpah was an American screenwriter and director most notably known for his contributions to reshaping the western genre. Peckinpah received an Academy Award® nomination for “The Wild Bunch” (1969), which is considered to have one of the most iconic action sequences in cinema. Some argue that the film is considered to be one of the last westerns as it greatly changed the standards associated with the genre. The Archive’s collection includes elements from "The Getaway" (1972), "Straw Dogs” (1971), and "Convoy" (1978). Since 1988, the Archive has housed 70 items related to Sam Peckinpah, including elements on deposit through his estate. 

Click here for a list of the Academy’s holdings related to Sam Peckinpah.

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