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Sally Cruikshank and Jon Davison Collection

“Quasi at the Quackadero” (1975)

Sally Cruikshank is considered one of the most well-known pioneers of psychedelic 1970s underground animation. These mind-bending visuals were featured in special cartoon sequences crafted for various feature films in the 1980s, including musical shorts she created for “Sesame Street” in the 1990s. Cruikshank’s collection includes pencil tests for her earliest films, as well as newly-struck prints of the classics, “Face Like a Frog” (1987) and “Quasi at the Quackadero” (1975)—the latter of which was inducted into the National Film Registry in 2009. The joint collection with her husband, producer Jon Davison, began arriving at the Archive in 2001 and currently contains approximately 450 items, including 16mm and 35mm prints of genre features they have collected over the years.

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