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Robert and Frances Flaherty Study Center Collection

Robert Flaherty, left, and Fred Zinnemann, ca. 1931.

The Robert and Frances Flaherty Study Center Collection includes Robert Flaherty’s feature documentaries, home movies, television specials, and in-class teaching tools. Robert Flaherty was designated the “father of American documentary film” after the widespread acclaim of his first documentary feature, “Nanook of the North” (1922). He followed that success with “Moana” (1926), “Man of Aran” (1934), and “Louisiana Story” (1948), for which he and his wife, Frances, both earned an Academy Award® nomination for Best Original Story. The collection also includes an independent documentary focused on Francis Flaherty,  Robert’s constant companion and frequent collaborator, entitled “Hidden and Seeking” (1971). Since 2003, the Archive has housed over 170 items related to the Robert and Frances Flaherty Study Center.

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