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Motion Picture Editors Guild Legacy Archive Collection

Motion Picture Editors Guild

The Motion Picture Editors Guild was founded in 1937 to set the standard for excellence in the post-production industry. They presently represent over 7,300 freelance and staff post-production professionals working as sound and picture editors, re-recording mixers, sound engineers, foley artists, laboratory workers, and story analysts. The Motion Picture Editors Guild Legacy Archive is a collection of interviews focusing on the life and career history of its members. The project began recording in 2007 and currently has over 100 visual history interviews, with a growing number of interviews each year. Participants are interviewed by members of the board, peers or family members who also work in the field. Some examples of those interviewed are Don Hall, Carol Littleton, Richard Chew, Dede Allen, Charles L. Campbell, Lynzee Klingman, Donn Cambern, and Mia Goldman. The collection came to the Archive in July 2014 and continues to grow with new productions added throughout the year. Currently, there are 101 interviews housed at the Archive. The interviews are unedited, with the earlier interviews on Mini DV and newer interviews born digital.

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