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Lobster Film / Film Preservation Associates Collection

AFA Collection - Lobster Film / Film Preservation Associates Collection

The Lobster Films / Film Preservation Associates Collection, containing approximately 750 cans, came to the Archive in two batches from Paris; the first in July, 2010, and the second in December, 2012. Originally collected by Serge Bromberg and David Shepard, it contains features and shorts from the 1900s-1940s. Around 80% of these films are from the silent era, 95% of which have now been identified. 120 of these titles are the only known elements to survive, and preservation of the collection is ongoing. Elements include original camera negatives, dupe negatives, and tinted and/or toned prints. Titles include “The Loves of Letty” (1919), “The Perfect Woman” (1920), “There’s Many a Fool” (1917), and “The Cinderella Man” (1917).

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