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Larry Cuba Collection

"Calculated Movements" (1985)

Larry Cuba is considered a pioneer in computer animation and is most notably known for his computer animation for the Death Star action sequences in “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope” (1977). The Archive’s collection includes the preserved title “Arabesque” (1975), on which he served as a programmer in collaboration with American animator John Whitney, Sr, who is widely celebrated as one of the fathers of computer animation. The collection includes several of Cuba’s films, including “Two Space” (1979), “Calculated Movements” (1985), and “3/78 (Objects and Transformations)” (1978). Since 2005, the Archive has housed almost 80 items related to Larry Cuba, including elements on deposit through his estate and elements made from preservation work. Since its inception in 1994, Cuba has served as a director for the iotaCenter.

Click here , here, and here for a list of the Academy’s holdings related to Larry Cuba, iotaCenter, and Whitney Collection.

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