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Janie Geiser Collection

"Spiral Vessel" (2000)

Janie Geiser is a multimedia artist best known for the use of puppetry in her work. Geiser is one of the founding members of “Automata”, a non-profit which focuses on experimental puppet theatre and contemporary multimedia art practices. Geiser’s work has shown at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Museum of Modern Art, and New York International Film Festival.  The Collection includes prints of “Spiral Vessel” (2000), “Babel Town” (1992), and “Ultima Thule” (2002). The Archive has preserved several of Geiser's films, including "The Red Book" (1994) and "The Secret Story" (1996). Since 2008 the Archive has housed almost 70 items related to Janie Geiser including elements on deposit through her estate and elements made from preservation work.

Click here for a list of the Academy’s holdings related to Janie Geiser.

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