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Ira Wohl Collection

Main colors: black and white. Two color image. Includes portraits of Pearl and Philly Wohl. His head is on his elderly mother's shoulder.

Ira Wohl is an American documentary filmmaker and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He is most recognized for the Academy Award® winning documentary “Best Boy” (1979), a film that captured three years in the life of the filmmaker’s intellectually disabled cousin as he worked to become more independent before his elderly parents were no longer able to take care of him. Since 2015, the Archive has housed close to 100 items in the Ira Wohl Collection including 16mm original elements, prints and videotapes relating to “Best Boy” (1979), “Best Man: ‘Best Boy’ and All of Us Twenty Years Later” (1997), and “Best Sister” (2004), as well as other titles from Wohl’s filmmaking career including: “Implosion” (1968), “Mary” (1971), “Co-Co Puffs” (1972), “The Magic Beauty Kit” (1973), “People Say I’m Crazy” (2003) and unfinished projects on Chuck Green and Lucy Lowe.

Click here for a list of the Academy’s holdings related to Ira Wohl.

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