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International Cinematographers Guild Interview Collection

International Cinematographers Guild Interview Collection

The International Cinematographers Guild represents directors of photography, camera operators and assistants, visual effects supervisors, still photographers, and publicists. The technicians and artisans in the guild work in film, television, live entertainment, animation, special effects, and new media. The guild has recorded 433 oral and visual history interviews, of which nearly 300 are housed at the Academy Film Archive. The collection includes such interviewees as László Kovács, Allen Daviau, Sandi Sissel, Deborah Weis, and Vilmos Zsigmond. Along with the visual history interviews, the collection features seminars and workshops by cinematographers that provide step-by-step setups of various lighting situations. The first batch of interviews was deposited at the Archive in July 2000, with a second deposit arriving in August 2004. The interviews are an average length of two hours and often take place in the interviewees’ homes. The materials are on multiple videotape formats including DVCAM, Betacam SP, VHS, SVHS, Mini DV, Hi 8mm, and Standard 8mm.

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