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Deluxe Laboratories Collection

Deluxe Labs

Deluxe Laboratories Inc. partnered with the Academy Film Archive in 2014 to find a home for thousands of orphaned film elements from the shutdown of Deluxe’s historic Hollywood film labs. These orphan materials include camera negatives and digital originals, as well as other pre-print elements. Some of the titles in this collection include “Greaser’s Palace” (1972), the Oscar-nominated documentary “The California Reich” (1975), and “Give 'Em Hell, Harry!” (1975). These elements were placed into the Deluxe vaults during the post-production and distribution phases of work on various motion pictures dating back to the early 1960s. The Archive has been assisting Deluxe in completing the necessary research and documentation to inventory these older titles. Working together, the Academy has selected nearly 800 titles, thus far, to include in its collection, amounting to more than 7,500 individual 35mm and 16mm film elements to be placed at the Archive.  

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