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Bridges Family Collection

Beau Bridges and Lloyd Bridges at an unknown preview event, June 1970. Nat Dallinger photographs, Margaret Herrick Library, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The Bridges Family Collection chronicles the work and lives of actor Lloyd Bridges and his family, notably his sons Beau and Jeff. The collection arrived in 2017 and consists of more than 50 items, including 20 original Kodachrome home movies ¬spanning the 1950s–80s, as well as film and video copies of Lloyd’s television programs. The collection includes “Sea Hunt” (TV Series 1958–1961), “The Loner” (TV Series 1965–1966), and “The Lloyd Bridges Show” (TV Series 1962–1963),–– often featuring the earliest acting roles of his children––as well as other select media appearances of family members.

Click here, here, and here for a list of the Academy’s holdings related to Lloyd Bridges, Beau Bridges, and Jeff Bridges.

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