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Andrew J. Kuehn, Jr. Foundation Collection

Andrew J. Kuehn

Known to many in the film marketing world as “The King of Coming Attractions,” Andrew Julius Kuehn, Jr. was instrumental in reinventing both the art and the business of movie trailers. Kuehn began his 43-year career in movie marketing in 1961 with National Screen Service in New York, later moving to California in 1971 to open Kaleidoscope Films’ L.A. office, which dominated the trailer industry for the next three decades. Kuehn also wrote, directed, and produced short films, documentaries, and features for television and the big screen. Upon his death in 2004, the Andrew J. Kuehn, Jr. Foundation was created to fund film research and education programs, which included producing the documentary “Coming Attractions: The History of the Movie Trailer” (2005), which premiered at the Academy’s Linwood Dunn Theater in March 2006. Both the footage used to make the documentary (over 100 videotapes of interviews with key figures of the film industry) and copies of the completed film were donated to the Academy that same year, along with a $100,000 grant to be used for trailer research and film preservation.


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