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Academy Award-Winning Documentaries

AFA Collection - Academy Award-Winning Documentaries

From 2005-2010, the Academy screened all 139 documentary features and shorts that had won an Academy Award, something that had never been done before. At the time, the Archive had an extensive collection of Academy Award-winning documentaries, however, there were still many titles missing. New prints were struck from known negatives, or complete preservation projects were undertaken. By the end of the series, the Archive had acquired the best possible print available of every Academy Award-winning documentary short and feature. The series consisted of a combination of some of the most famous documentaries in film history –“Woodstock” (1970), “Harlan County U.S.A.” (1976), “The War Game” (1965), and “Hearts and Minds” (1974) –as well as many lesser known titles such as “This Tiny World” (1972), “Thursday’s Children” (1954), and “Czechoslovakia 1968” (1969).

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