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28mm Collection

28mm collection

The Academy Film Archive holds over 100 reels of films in the Pathé 28mm format. The Pathé Kok format was introduced in 1912, and used a diacetate safety film stock safe for home and educational use. The format is notable because many films originally made and distributed on 35mm nitrate stock survive only as 28mm safety copies. In 2008, the Archive began a scanning program to preserve 20 reels, made between 1912 and 1922 and representing the only known copies of those titles. The films in this group include actualities and travelogues; one-reel comedies such as “Pig is Pigs” (1914) with John Bunny; and four animated films from the series Tony Sarg’s Almanac. Though the Archive has 28mm prints from multiple sources, the majority are from the personal collection of actor and film collector André Beranger. The Academy purchased Beranger’s collection in 1947.

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