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Media Literacy

Media Literacy

Twice a year nearly 800 Los Angeles Unified School District high school juniors visit the Academy to participate in the Media Literacy Program. The three-day event includes group discussions, film clip analyses, a feature film screening and filmmaker visits.

The program, in partnership with Los Angeles Educational Partnership’s Humanitas, is designed to help students become aware of media messages encountered daily, improve analytical skills to evaluate those messages, and encourage provocative and thoughtful interaction with the media.

Students are required to complete a written assignment. Teachers choose the best projects and the Academy distributes them to all participating students.

Media Literacy Program Past Feature Presentations

“Whip It”
“Blind Side”
“Role Models”
“Hollywood Chinese”
“Across the Universe”
“Freedom Writers”
“Akeelah and the Bee”
“Mean Girls”
“Coach Carter”
“Napoleon Dynamite”
“Real Women Have Curves”
“Bring It On”
“Love & Basketball”
“Remember the Titans”