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Visiting Artists

Russell Willams

The Academy Member Engagement program facilitates practical educational opportunities for learning institutions, festivals, conferences, and other film-related events. Students and faculty are provided direct contact with the Academy’s working filmmakers, creating a meaningful connection between the worlds of academia and practice at the industry’s highest levels.

How to Apply

To be considered, a written proposal must be submitted no less than two (2) months prior to your event with the following information:

  • The history and scope of the applying institution’s film department
  • A breakdown of how the artist’s time would be utilized, including any classes, workshops and screenings in which the artist might participate
  • Anticipated impact such a visit would have on the audience involved, and to what extent that audience is knowledgeable about film and filmmaking
  • Which branch of the Academy the artist should represent: Actors, Art Directors, Casting Directors, Cinematographers, Directors, Documentary, Executives, Film Editors, Makeup, Music, Producers, Marketing and Public Relations, Short Films and Feature Animation, Sound, Visual Effects or Writers
  • The proposed dates for the artist’s visit

Submit proposals to:

Bettina Fisher
Director of Education Initiatives
1313 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA 90028

The Academy carefully considers all written proposals and evaluates them on a basis of merit and need.  You will be contacted after your poposal has been received and reviewed. 

Past Academy member participants:

Producers Branch:  Khadija Alami, Shannon McIntosh, Ron Yerxa, Lisa Bruce, Jordan Horowitz, Albert Berger, David Lancaster, Stephanie Allain, Michael Barnathan, Don Hahn
FAMU Prague

Producers Branch: Julie Lynn and Members-at-Large Branch:  Andrea Nelson Meigs
Howard University

Producers Branch:  Effie Brown and Writers Branch: Reggie Bythewood
Austin Film Festival

Producers Branch:  Nina Yang Bongiovi and Actors Branch:  David Oyelowo
The Blackhouse Foundation @ Sundance Film Festival

Directors Branch:  Patricia Riggen
Short Films and Feature Animation Branch:  Jorge Guitierrez
NALIP Media Fest

Short Films and Feature Animation Branch:  J.J. Blumenkranz
Rochester Institute of Technology

Directors Branch:  Roger Corman
Indiana University

Cinematographers Branch:  Richard Crudo, ASC
University of Southern Nevada

Actors Branch:  Giancarlo Esposito
Florida Film Festival

Documentary Branch:  Andrea Nix Fine and Sean Fine
Nantucket Film Festival

Music Branch:  Michael Giacchino
Emory University

Music Branch:  William Goldstein
Vilnius International Film Festival

Producers Branch:  Grant Heslov
13th Annual Campus MovieFest Hollywood

Directors Branch:  Michael Hoffman
Prodigy Camp

Music Branch:  Justin Hurwitz, Joseph Trapanese and Cliff Eidelman
Westminster Academy

Costume Designers Branch:  Jeffrey Kurland
Santa Clara University

Directors Branch:  John Landis
Inner City Filmmakers

Production Designers Branch:  John Muto
Hofstra University
University of Kansas
University of Leicester, England

Marketing and Public Relations Branch:  Mark Pogachefsky
APEX Academy

Sound Branch:  Becky Sullivan
Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy

Editors Branch:  Troy Takaki
Loyola Marymount

Sound Branch:  Russell Williams II
George Washington University

Cinematographers Branch:  Bradford Young
Morgan State University

Documentary Branch:  Jessica Yu
American University

Academy Archive Tours with Member Discussions:

Carol Littleton (Editors Branch)
John Landis (Directors Branch)
James Foley (Directors Branch)
Christophe Beck (Music Branch)
Julio Macat, ASC (Cinematographers Branch)
Charles Minsky, ASC (Cinematographers Branch)
Valerie Faris (Directors Branch)
Jonathan Dayton (Directors Branch)
Edward James Olmos (Actors Branch)
Clark Spencer (Short Films and Feature Animation Branch)
Andrew Lane (Producers Branch)
Chris Moore (Producers Branch)