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Lights, Camera, Action: Production!: Biographies

Matt Akey serves as Crafty Apes Director of Production and VFX Producer, partnering with Founder and VFX Supervisor Chris Le Doux in heading up the company's flagship office in Atlanta.  Matt works closely with filmmakers and studio executives worldwide to help them breakdown, bid and produce the 2D and 3D aspects of high quality vfx work for blockbuster and award-winning feature, streaming and episodic series.  He began in the industry as writer/director Steve Oedekerk's production manager and head of development, working on films such as “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” and “Back at the Barnyard,” as well as the cult classic “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist!” for Fox.  Matt then received his MFA in Producing from Chapman University's graduate film program and worked in Hollywood for Mel Gibson, Jason Reitman, and then spent nearly a decade producing 3D conversion, Virtual reality experiences and VFX for feature films such as “Man of Steel,” “Ghostbusters,” “Pete's Dragon,” “Hugo” and many others.  After relocating to the burgeoning Atlanta film community and joining Crafty Apes VFX, Matt now reside in the city of Newnan with his wife and three kids.

Cindy Carr, SDSA, is a set decorator who began her career on a film that was originally created for PBS but was given theatrical distribution when it was completed. She had moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of working in film, starting in the prop department though quickly realizing she wanted to work behind the scenes to tell the stories of the characters through their environments.  She has since worked on films of many genres, including:  action, (“Last Action Hero,” “True Lies,” “The Sum of All Fears,” “Eagle Eye”) period films, (“Trumbo,” and “42”) comedies, (several directed by the Farrelly brothers, “Life as We Know It,” “The Holiday”) fantastical, (“What Dreams May Come,” “Van Helsing”), scary  (“The Haunting”) and dramas (“Fisher King,” “G.I.Jane,” “Contagion”)  Her television work includes “House”, “True Blood”, “Sleepy Hollow”, and the reboot of “Dynasty.”  She has been nominated for an Emmy and two Oscars, as well as several Art Director’s Guild Awards, and has served on the executive committee of the Designers branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a number of years.

Francine Jamison-Tanchuck started her career as an apprentice under several Costume Designers, such as Grady Hunt, Don Fell, Ann Roth and Edith Head to name a few, at four major Studios, CBS Studio Center, Warner Bros., Universal, and Paramount.  Her career spans over 30 years designing Feature Films such as “Birth of a Nation,” “Roman J. Israel,” “Boomerang” (the movie), “Sister Act 2” and the acclaimed civil war film, “Glory.”  She is currently designing a film for Warner Bros. based on Bryan Stevenson’s best seller, “Just Mercy.”

From fine art design, visual effects, tech startups, and even video game design, Dosa Kim has constantly been a force in any field he steps into.  His pieces are often described as whimsical and dark reflecting southeastern culture informed by traditional and quasi-traditional Asian aesthetic and compositional formats. Most of his works revolve around narratives, telling stories in a visual format. Although much of Dosa's work has shadowy undertones he emphasizes the notion of hope and that outside forces will carry the subject matter and the viewer to his or her enlightened destination. This ideal is represented in numerous metaphorical ways and is carried out through his logo, which bears the text:  Some of us will find our way home.  Dosa was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. He moved to Atlanta his freshman year of high school.  After graduating he enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta to pursue Graphic Design. He later obtained degrees in Digital Media and Computer Animation from the University of Georgia. Dosa also holds a degree from the prestigious Gnomon institute for Visual Effects. Dosa currently works as a consultant for clothing lines, ad agencies, video games, and for various tech firms with clients such as Nike, Coke, Nintendo and Disney. He’s worked on movies such as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Jupiter Ascending,” “Ascension,” and “Higher Power.”

Dionne Wynn is a celebrity makeup artist who has spent more than 20 years dedicated to the science, technique and beauty of healthy skin. Her artistry, personality and extraordinary work ethic have afforded her a solid reputation and that’s just one of the reasons she can connect with a myriad of clients to create their vision. She has emerged as one of the leading makeup artists in Hollywood for her capability to enhance her clients’ natural beauty as well as creating more dramatic effects that are modern and on trend.  She is currently the exclusive makeup artist for actress Tiffany Haddish across live entertainment, film, television and public appearances. Dionne also has worked with talent including Paula Patton, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Kristin Cavallari, Jonathan Bennett, Josh Duhamel, 50 Cent, Jodi Turner-Smith, Yvonne Orji and many others.  In addition to working as a personal makeup artist, Dionne has worked on television and film sets including “Night School” (in theaters Sept 2018), “Girls Trip,” “Birth of a Nation,”  “Beyond The Lights,” “The Last O.G.,” “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.,” “The Oath,” “The Last Ship,” “Nobody’s Fool,” “The Carmichael Show,” “Love by the 10th Date,” “Tiffany Haddish: She Ready! From the Hood to Hollywood” and more. Dionne’s work has been featured in a range of national media outlets and her expert commentary has been sought by People, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Into the Gloss and many more.  Since her beginning, Dionne’s goal has always been to make people feel good and feel their most beautiful. Her makeup artistry is combined with being licensed esthetician where she works with clients to address skin problems using the most advance skin care technique and skinceuticals. Throughout her career, Dionne has served as an instructor and guest lecturer on makeup application and technique and has consulted with upstart brands in the areas of product development and line extensions.

Mollie Brock (moderator) graduated with a communications degree in film/video from Georgia State University. She quickly found her footing in the industry working in commercials.  She became Director of Production at Bark Bark in Atlanta, and worked with many amazing clients such as TLC, USA, and Nick Jr.  After years of working in commercials, Mollie made the switch to television production as an animator on the Emmy Award winning show “Archer.”  While she loved animating, she ultimately moved into production management at Floyd County Productions where she's able to manage many exciting projects including Netflix's first original animated feature, “America: The Motion Picture.”