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2K and 4K HFR/HDR Test Material using ACES 1.0 Available Now!


The Academy’s Science and Technology Council's Next Generation Cinema Technology (NGCT) program aims to advance cinema technology through collaborative research.

In late 2013, a working group of industry experts was formed under this program, to produce high quality “cinematic” test materials for industry-wide evaluation of next generation cinema techniques and technologies such as high frame rates and high dynamic range.

Next Generation Cinema Technology (NGCT)

In March 2014, an expanded team of leading industry professionals came together to shoot and master the NGCT test material. The result was a short test scene shot multiple times under controlled conditions, providing extended dynamic range at 2K and 4K resolution and frame rates from 24 FPS to 120 FPS with a variety of camera shutter angles. 

Next Generation Cinema Technology
The NGCT test materials were recently re-mastered using an ACES 1.0-based workflow. The re-mastered materials have improved color fidelity and conform to the ACES 1.0 file and encoding specifications.  
Commercial product companies, research institutions and other organizations worldwide are currently using the NGCT Test materials. The Academy is pleased to announce that the latest ACES 1.0 version of these materials is available for purchase, with special pricing for individuals and educational institutions.  There are various formats available, including Rec. 2020, P3 and Rec. 709 and ACES2065-1.

“At Screen Industries Research and Training Centre our focus is digital workflow from capture to delivery. We work closely with industry partners to conduct applied research, technology research and specialized training that addresses industry challenges and opportunities.  The original NCGT footage was invaluable as a reference in our efforts and we look forward to deploying the ACES 1.0 version that will bring us in line with the latest industry standards.” 

Bert Dunk ASC, CSC
Manager, Technical Production and Research Projects
Screen Industries Research and Training Centre

For information on how to purchase NGCT test materials, please visit the NGCT home page: (