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National Film Registry

National Film Registry

In 1988, the U.S. Congress established the National Film Registry in the Library of Congress which annually recognizes twenty-five films from the United States based on their cultural, historical, or aesthetic significance. The National Film Registry represents a wide range of filmmaking, contexts, and histories from early cinema to contemporary films selected by the Librarian of Congress (in consultation with members the National Film Preservation Board) every December. Films inducted into the registry are preserved through the Library of Congress and with collaborative efforts from other archives, studios and copyright holders or individuals. The Academy Film Archive has preserved fifty-eight National Film Registry titles and holds over 648 National Film Registry titles.

Download a list of holdings in the National Film Registry.

Download a list of films preserved by the Academy Film Archive in the National Film Registry.

The Library of Congress encourages the public to nominate films for the upcoming National Film Registry. Follow the link to nominate up to 50 films to be considered for the National Film Registry