The Oscar Show 2014: In Memorium

The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are the organization's greatest asset, an assemblage of the finest artists and craftspersons of the art form.

On this page the Academy pays homage to those members who have passed away this year. Academy Awards and nominations are noted (a win is indicated by an asterisk) as well as service on the Academy's Board of Governors. To see the full gallery from the 2019 Oscars click here.

Julie Adams – Actors Branch

Carmen Argenziano – Actors Branch

Kaye Ballard – Actors Branch

Verna Bloom – Actors Branch

Seymour Cassel – Actors Branch
1968 (41st) Actor in a Supporting Role – “Faces”

Larry Cohen – Writers Branch

Tim Conway – Actors Branch

William J. Creber – Production Design Branch
1965 (38th) Art Direction (Color) – “The Greatest Story Ever Told”
1972 (45th) Art Direction – “The Poseidon Adventure”
1974 (47th) Art Direction – “The Towering Inferno”

Stanley Donen – Directors Branch
1997 (70th) *Honorary Award

Michael Forman – Associates

James Frawley – Directors

Robert L. Friedman – Executives

Steve Golin – Producers Branch
2006 (79th) Best Picture – “Babel”
2015 (88th) Best Picture – “The Revenant”
2015 (88th) *Best Picture – “Spotlight”

Michael A. Gray – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Salah M. Hassanein – Associates

Katherine Helmond – Actors Branch

Norman Hollyn – Music Branch

Noah Keen – Actors Branch

Christopher Knopf – Writers Branch

Jeremy S. Koch – Sound Branch

John V. Leahy – Associates

Michael Legrand – Music Branch
1965 (38th) Music (Music Score--substantially original) – “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”
1965 (38th) Music (Scoring of Music--adaptation or treatment) – “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”
1965 (38th) Music (Song) – “I Will Wait For You” from “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”
1968 (41st) Music (Original Score for a motion picture [not a musical]) – “The Thomas Crown Affair”
1968 (41st) Music (Score of a Musical Picture--original or adaptation) – “The Young Girls of Rochefort”
1968 (41st) *Music (Song--Original for the Picture) – “The Windmills Of Your Mind” from “The Thomas Crown Affair”
1969 (42nd) Music (Song--Original for the Picture) – “What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?” from “The Happy Ending”
1970 (43rd) Music (Song--Original for the Picture) – “Pieces Of Dreams” from “Pieces of Dreams”
1971 (44th) *Music (Original Dramatic Score) – “Summer of ’42”
1982 (55th) Music (Original Song) – “How Do You Keep The Music Playing?” from “Best Friends”
1983 (56th) *Music (Original Song Score or Adaptation Score) – “Yentl”
1983 (56th) Music (Original Song) – “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” from “Yentl”
1983 (56th) Music (Original Song) – “The Way He Makes Me Feel” from “Yentl”

George Litto – Executives Branch

Michael Lynne – Executives Branch

Barry Malkin – Film Editors Branch
1984 (57th) Film Editing – “The Cotton Club”
1990 (63rd) Film Editing – “The Godfather, Part III”

Jim McMullan – Actors Branch

Mark Medoff – Writers Branch
1986 (59th) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Children of a Lesser God”

Jonas Mekas – Documentary Branch

Richard Miller – Actors Branch

Toni Myers – Documentary Branch

Barbara Perry – Actors Branch

Jack L. Phillips – Associates

David V. Picker – Producers Branch

Andre Previn – Music Branch
1950 (23rd) Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) – “Three Little Words”
1953 (26th) Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) – “Kiss Me Kate”
1955 (28th) Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) – “It’s Always Fair Weather”
1958 (31st) *Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) – “Gigi”
1959 (32nd) *Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) – “Porgy and Bess”
1960 (33rd) Music (Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) – “Elmer Gantry”
1960 (33rd) Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) – “Bells Are Ringing”
1960 (33rd) Music (Song) – “Faraway Part Of Town” from “Pepe”
1962 (35th) Music (Song) – “Song From Two For The Seesaw (Second Chance)” from “Two for the Seesaw”
1963 (36th) *Music (Scoring of Music--adaptation or treatment) – “Irma La Douce”
1964 (37th) *Music (Scoring of Music--adaptation or treatment) – “My Fair Lady”
1967 (40th) Music (Scoring of Music--adaptation or treatment) – “Thoroughly Modern Millie”
1973 (46th) Music (Scoring: Adaptation) – “Jesus Christ Superstar”

Terry Rawlings – Film Editors Branch
1981 (54th) Film Editing – “Chariots of Fire”

Gregg Rudloff – Sound Branch
1989 (62nd) *Sound – “Glory”
1999 (72nd) *Sound – “The Matrix”
2000 (73rd) Sound – “The Perfect Storm”
2006 (79th) Sound Mixing – “Flags of Our Fathers”
2012 (85th) Sound Mixing – “Argo”
2014 (87th) Sound Mixing – “American Sniper”
2015 (88th) *Sound Mixing – “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Alvin Sargent – Writers Branch
1973 (46th) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Paper Moon”
1977 (50th) *Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Julia”
1980 (53rd) *Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Ordinary People”

Sidney J. Sheinberg – Executives Branch
Robert M. Smith – Associates

John Singleton – Directors Branch
1991 (64th) Directing – “Boyz N the Hood”
1991 (64th) Writing (Screenplay written directly for the screen) – “Boyz N the Hood”

Dan Striepeke – Makeup Artists and Hairstylists
1994 (67th) Makeup – “Forrest Gump”
1998 (71st) Makeup – “Saving Private Ryan”

John Swallow – Visual Effects Branch

Mark A. Urman – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Andrew G. Vajna – Executives Branch

Agnès Varda – Documentary Branch
2017 (90th) Documentary (Feature) -- "Faces Places"
2017 (90th) *Honorary Award

William D. Wittliff – Writers Branch

Morgan Woodward – Actors Branch

Franco Zeffirelli – Directors Branch
1968 (41st) Directing – “Romeo and Juliet”
1982 (55th) Art Direction – “La Traviata”