Science & Technology Council


The Academy’s Science and Technology Council was created in 2003 in response to the explosion in digital motion picture technology, which continues to transform the production, post-production and exhibition of movies. The Council’s activities are focused on industry-wide problem-solving and research projects, preserving the history of motion picture technology, and educating professionals and the public about the role of technology in moviemaking.


Digital Dilemma 2

The Council brings together leading experts to tackle key issues facing the movie industry in such areas as digital motion picture camera characteristics, large-scale data storage systems, colorimetry of digital projectors and lighting.

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The Council produces innovative programming for industry professionals and the public, focusing on how technology has impacted motion pictures over the last century and showcasing technological innovations.


Council History

The Council is working to chronicle the development of motion picture science and technology by, among other things, creating an archive of key artifacts and compiling an oral history of industry experts’ experiences.

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